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The extreme flooding from storms in the Missouri -Red and Ohio river basins will be unleashing its torrents in the lower Mississippi river of South Louisiana around April 9. The Levee board was quick to react by issuing warnings to camp-livestock owners to have all necessary preparations made by next week. . This precaution is made for the possible opening of the Bonne Carre spillway which diverts water from the main channel of the Mississippi river into Lake Ponchatrain just north of New Orleans So far the crest of the River at New Orleans is forecasted to be 3/10' lower than the mandated opening of the flood gates. Any additional rain or or sudden snow melts in the northern end of the Upper River system would change that crest forecast.

The levee repairs from Katrina are still progressing but do not totally involve the Mississippi river main levee with exception of the ship channel at the MRGO(Mississippi river Gulf Outlet). That site is where the infamous levee was breached , flooding "East New Orleans "and the"9th Ward". Ship and barge traffic has already been restricted.

River levels were already high before the Storms of last week in Missouri -Ohio- Kentucky from normal early spring runoff. If water levels go unexpectedly higher than forecast., The Corps of Engineers can open another floodgate north of Baton Rouge( Morganza spillway). This is usually a "last resort" because this will flood the entire Atchafalaya Basin to the coast and put Morgan City in peril. That has been a long time arguement of "Saving New Orleans" at the expense of others.
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