new or old fishing reels?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by nitemare_63, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. nitemare_63

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    i know we all have heard the saying they are not made like they used to. i have seen and heard alot of input on the quality and toughness of the old penn reels and i know some people that still have theirs from like 30 years ago. does anyone that has purchased a new penn reel have any input on if the new penn reels are still tough and quality lasting?????? i am thinking on getting a new penn 310gti and i have heard some good things but i have seen on here some posts of them and how the blew up in the first uses....
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    I've always been an ambassadeur fan. But, mostly because that's what I cut my teeth on. I was looking at penns today. I need a couple more heavy outfits. (who don't)? LOL I like the looks of the gt1's and 2's. I'd also like to know how the drags hold up. And what commonly breaks. I burn out the drag in one of my old ambassadeurs on a snag while drifting the ohio last year. I dont want to keep wearing out my old abu's. I'll be watching this thread to see what people are saying.

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    here ya go cheep easy fix
  4. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    I like to buy 'Old" ones that folks have worn out,and don't want anymore,,, fix, rebuild them, to better than new, upgrade drags, etc.. they're cheaper, and just as good.. for me. I mostly look for Abu 6500's and 7000 series..
    I think I've almost got enough,,:wink:,,,, Maybe not...:tounge_out:
  5. dex

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    I am the owner of a Penn 545 it is 2 years old now and I have to say out of all the Penns I own it is truly the best casting and smoothest of all with 4 bearings 6:1 gear ratio it is a nice workhorse.
  6. wneubauer

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    I do the same thing. I'll buy Squidders or Jigmasters for 25.00 to 45.00 on Ebay, tear them down and rebuild, and I have a great reel for a fraction of the cost of a new comparable Abu. I'm cheap I guess, but I also have some great reels for an affordable amount.
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    Most any of the US made Penn reels were built rock solid.
    I've used everything from light spinners to 9/0 Senators and International VSW's offshore. Their like anything else, take care of them and they will last a lifetime.

    I've used both the Abu and Penn reels, both have their place. I like the Abu reels for their light weight and the Penn reels for their brute strength when you really need it.

    I several of the GT and GTI series, all have been great reels, my favorite is the 340GTI, mostly due to the line capacity, the ability to bump up the speed to a 4.0:1 using 113H Newell gears, and its the easiest of all the GTI reels to cast considering it has a levelwind.

    The fastest reels they make are their 525-545GT series, but I've been going more towards Daiwa lately in that category since they released the Saltist.
    I hear the Fin Nor OFC20 is a decent reel no too.

    The only drawback to many older reels is that most are lower speed reels, with small arbor or small diameter spools, making like retrieve slow.

    Fish a few days in deep water and you will know what I mean.
    I use a sped up 340 for wreck fishing, with Carbontex drags, it's been able to handle just about anything it's encountered so far.
  8. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    Hey Bill,
    Cool on the fix'r uppers'' , I fish off of Rip Rap banks most of the time, and a new reel looks real old soon after it's maiden voyage, I try and keep them working mechanically, not so concerned about the cosmetics.. Guess I'm kinda hard on the Tackle inventory..
    The ones that can be picked up used are generally, fairly economical to repair, and/or upgrade, and for my fishing needs they work superbly!!
    I've mainly gotten the Abu's, Have had a few Penns, and some of the house brand reels, If I can fix them, I do, If I can't I fish them till they're "Gone"
    It also, keeps a guys hand on a lot of different stuff, if ya like to fool around with different things..
    It's surprising to me how well handles on rods hold up,,, I don't think I've ever torn one of those up...I treat this stuff like a Rented Mule, and most of the time, it just keeps on working.
    I certainly don't treat anything else like fishing tackle???:eek:oooh:
  9. poisonpits

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    i have several old vintage penns that i been looking for some one to clean and replace the worm gears and pawls in.would you be interested and if so how much would you charge.i dont exspect any one to work for free.