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    I have an older boat that I got from a friend. I know very little about it as yet other than I can set my 15 and a half foot astroglas in it and almost walk around it. It has high sides and no compartments. No console either.
    THe floor and the transom are both rotten (. About 8 years ago I replaced the stringers and the floor in my astroglass. I glassed in the stringers but the floor is bare 3/4 inch plywood and so far it has held up pretty fair.
    I have read a few posts on the net that said that the method I used for holding down the plywood was a no no.. Screws. My boat has set in the weather 24/7 for 8 years and is fine. (So far) And if the lumber goes bad I can take out the screws and replace the wood for a much smaller cost that I would have paid for glassing everything in place.
    I can understand that a big reason I have gotten away with doing it this way is the integrity of the Tri-hull. I won't be so lucky on this flat bottomed boat.
    So here are my questions.. I know the floor is bad but I have no idea about the stringers. I have a notion that I could cut the plywood and lay it over the floor that is there and once it is fitted, I could glue it in place.

    But I have no idea what kind of stringers are under the floor or what kind of shape they are in. Is there a way to tell if the stringers are bad without pulling up the old floor ?

    Also, I have no idea on how to repair the transom. My first thought would be to cut and stack plywood till it is the right thickness and shape, Cut the cap off the transom and clean out any remaining wood, Work with the plywood till I have a good fit then pour firerglass resin in the bottom and coat the sides of the wood and push/press it into place then reseal the cap somehow.

    As you can see, I don't know beans about what I'm doing here so any input would be wonderful.
    Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to the BOC. I started my boat off from scratch too. But I didn't have to mess with the transom. Mine was solid. But just about everything else I have had to touch a little.
    You will get some good ideas from the old timers on this site. They helped me and I know someone will come along and streer yo in the right direction.
    Good luck with the project. It never happens as fast as you would like. But take your time and do it right.

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    Sounds like you have a good Idea how to solve the transom problem. The stringer now is a different story, I don't know of any way to inspect the stringer other than pulling the old floor out. hope this helps.