New No-Fishing Zone Around Channel Islands

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    Interesting How they put it in that artical.

    "The Channel Islands has been the focal point of the national debate about marine reserves for the past eight or nine years,'' said Dan Basta, director of the National Marine Sanctuary Program.
    Scientists and conservation groups said expansion of no-fishing zones was necessary because decades of excessive fishing had depleted marine life.

    The truth is this has been shoved down the throat of CA. anglers with fixed agenda public meetings. Engineered by east coast Bunny huggers without regard to social or economic impact.
    Get the full story and see what we are trying to do about it at:
    And while you're there consider joining the fight.

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    Yup, back in the mid-70x when I lived in Santa Maria, I sometimes went down to Santa Barbara to launch my boat and made the trip out to San Miguel Island. There was a real good spot right out from the bay on the west side of the island. That area was in the first reserve.