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  1. John(Bullhead)Hagen

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    :roll_eyes: Well i did it bought myself a new motor and cant wait to use it and three day weekend and BOOM!!!! Back to the deep freeze,you know a guy cant win.The motor is a new 40HP Honda 4 stroke so i am wanting to see how it pushes my jon boat 20ft so should not be to much motor.
  2. Redtick

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    Neoga, Illinois
    I invested in a different boat motor also. I am going up to a 25 horse Mariner from my 9.9 Evinrude on my 16" Ouchita Jon boat. I figure it should be 3 times faster. I am going to keep my 9.9 for local lakes that have a boat motor size limit and some river fishing. I am going to try to get mine mounted today and may take it for a spin but I probably won't fish until it warms up next week.