New Mercury with "auto trim"?

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by rks1949, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. rks1949

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    I just got a new mercury 50 HP 2 stroke,and it has a feature that is causing problems on the river. It seem that when trimmed up high (to cross shallows), if you advance the throttle,and the motor goes above 2000 rpm it will automatically lower the power trim to the low setting,running the prop/lower unit into the sand/gravel bottom!:embarassed: This isn't a good thing,as when you are crossing swift shallows,with strong current,some times 2000 rpm isn't enough to go forward! Why in the world is this on this motor,and is there any way to bypass it? If not it's going back to the dealers for a diffrent motor. Ron
  2. Bubbakat

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    I would say that is tilt feature only. The trim would let it stay in one place. The tilt feature is to tilt the motor up for travel but when motor is running and RPM increase it returns to run position . I have an older model like that.