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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Sinker, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Sinker

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    I hear it a lot; a new member joins an is apologetic for not knowing enuff to fit in. While experience can't be beat, it also causes us to form habits. Nothing sets limits like habits! It brings on tunnel-vision, and ya can't see the answers for all the set solutions you're used to. An open mind can a lot of times see things because it's not all fettered up with past performances. That's what I like about this site; People ask questions I haven't even thought of yet. And the experience of others comes to the rescue. I've been a member only a couple of months, but I now have potentially years of experience under my belt. So if you're new, jump right in. You may have answers for people who don't even know they're looking for them!
  2. WylieCat

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    Sinker you are soooooo RIGHT!!

    We all get "set in our ways", and so did the dinosaurs. I catch myself doing the same old thing a lot of times, and while it does work most of the time, I am left wondering what would have happened had I tried something different.

    A lot of my fishing trips now are spent "prospecting". I try out new rigs, new bait, new places, and many times I am suprised by the results. Just yesterday I drifted a mouth of a cover at a channel drop that I have rode past in the boat many times. I landed two Blues (4 and 6 pounds) five minutes apart, and a couple of Channels. Tomorrow I am trying out a new rig to see how that works where I fish.

    I love the questions that are posted here. Some I know the answers to, but many of them are things I can't wait to find the answer to.

  3. RIP

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    Somerville, Tennessee
    I have been a member here for only two months but I visited for about two months before I joined. I had to make myself participate as my typing skills are how do I say slowwww. Lets just say I went to the Barney Fife school of typing (the one finger tap).But man I'm glad I did I'v learned alot here and hope to meet more people and learn alot more. So dont hold back get in and participate you'll be glad you did.
  4. catter5000

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    SINKER, You get an A+ for your post. Like most catters,I've been cattin for a long time.50 plus years to be exact.I am constantly having to remind myself to try something different if they are not bitting.Its amazing how deep of a rut a person can get in to.The brotherhood has been the most valuable source of info anyone would ever need.If a person can not find the answer to a cattin problem on this site,well theres always shopping or watching the radio???.When you add up the years of experience,the locations across the country,types of water,times of the year,well it just doesn't get any better than the BOC.
  5. ksutroubleii

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    New Philadelphia, OH
    By all means feel free to look around the BOC. But when you come across a question and you have tried something in that situation tell us about it. What you did, where you did it, and how you did it. And just because it didn't work, tell us about it anyway. It may work in a different location under different circumstances. Please share it with us ...I beg you
  6. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK
    nothing like enthusiasm from new members..i am glad each and every one of you are here. a little new blood kind of makes me ashamed of myself. i get a little complacent and maybe fail to appreciate the BOC like i want to.
  7. TOPS

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    very good post sinker. I am a two finger hunter also and my spelling is bad,bad! Thanks to all the spell checks that we can down load. I manage!!
  8. catsmith1

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    Haughton, Louisiana
    I am so proud! I have worked my way up to three fingers and a thumb!

    I have been watching for a while and joined reciently. I have read more good ideas here to try than I can try in a lifetime. I guess I will have to fish more to try them all. I agree. Do not be shy, jump right on in there! The water is fine.