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Hi Craig, and welcome. Im a new member here also but Im not new to the Ohio river. Do you fish out of a boat or from shore? If out of a boat use a fishfinder to look for drops in the bottom. It only needs to be 2 feet or more to hold cats. If you want blues, get you some shad gizzards or skips, cut off the tail and throw the whole thing to the bottom using 2oz-5oz of lead depends on the current. I use flat river sinkers Cal. rigged. Dont make your leader to long 12-15in anything longer will get you hung up alot more. If you want to target big flatheads find you some timber and fish live bait at night. Bluegill, creek chubs, goldfish are best, my fav is creek chubs around ten inches long. For rods I like the Quantum big cat rods 7 ft med heavy or heavy. Reels I like big bait casters, something that hold 300 yards or more of 40 -60 pound line. Make sure it does not have plastic gears, it will not last one big blue. The Quantum 7000 is a good reel alittle high on the cost. I use the the Shimano Tekota 600 and the 700s this are very expensive but they are worth the money. For hooks Im a a circle hook guy. If you use rod holders and a good loading rod circle hooks are the best. Let the fish take the bait the rod hooks the fish and you reel it in. When I firsted strated to use them I hated them, then I noticed my wife was catching everything that hit her rod. She was not jerking the rod I was. DO NOT JERK, just easy back and hold tension. I hope this helps you out. If you would like some mor help PM me Ill be happy to take you out. I live near Brandenburg Kentucky. My best blue is 88.9 lbs and flathead is 68lbs, so give me a shoot if you ever want to hit the river.

1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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