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hey guys. glad to see people so eat up with fishing like me. i have recently got into catfishing. ready for something that will fight back. so far my best has been 18 pounds at badin and what i hear that is small for that lake and hope to do better. good luck guys
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Welcome to the mighty BOC. Enjoy your stay.
Welcome tot he BOC. Be sure to check out the BOC library for lots of great information. There is a link in my Sig below my post.:big_smile:
welcome to the BOC
Daren Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois.:0a18::0a25:
Welcome to the BOC!!!:big_smile:
Darin, welcome to the BOC/SOC :cool2:, best catfishing site on the web! Be sure to check out the library, a lot of good info in there.
thanks for the welcome :big_smile:
Welcome man! I used to live in Lexington, my family still does. What lakes do you normally fish? If you live in Lexington, you should try and hit up Tom-a-Lex. It's got a bunch of channel cats and white cats. May not catch any fish bigger than your best one but you'll catch a bunch. You can even get a bunch from shore if you don't have a boat.
trying to fish badin as much as i can and high rock also.i used to fish thom-a-lex 5 or 6 years ago alot but was after bass at that time
Welcome to the BOC.
Darin welcome to the BOC brother.
glad to have you here at Darin
welcome to the boc, there is a world of help on this website if u need it
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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