New Louisiana boating laws

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    • All persons onboard a Class A motorboat which is being propelled by a hand tiller outboard motor shall be required to wear a USCG approved Type I, II, III, or V personal flotation device while the motorboat is underway. A handtiller outboard is described as an outboard motor that has a tiller or steering arm attached to the outboard motor to facilitate steering and does not have any mechanical assist device which is rigidly attached to the boat and used in steering the vessel, including but not limited to mechanical, hydraulic, or electronic control systems. Hand tiller outboard motor shall not mean any type of electronic trolling motor.
    • No person shall operate a Class A or Class One motorboat with a hand tiller outboard motor in excess of ten horsepower designed to have or having an engine cut-off switch, while the engine is running and the motorboat is underway, unless:

      a. The engine cut-off switch is fully functional and in operable condition; and

      b. The engine cut-off switch link is attached to the operator, the operator's clothing, or if worn, the operator's personal flotation device.

      The provisions of this Section shall not apply to licensed commercial fishermen operating a motorboat while engaged in commercial fishing activities. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to sailboats Engine cut-off switch - an operable emergency cut-off engine stop switch installed on a motorboat and that attaches to the motorboat operator by an engine cut-off switch link. Engine cut-off switch link the lanyard and/or cut-off device used to attach the motorboat operator to the engine cut-off switch installed on the motorboat.
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    Hey Buddy...What about my baby motor on my 14/36...The motor is only a 7.5....He He....and it don't have a Lanyard....:embarassed:

    Sounds like All of ya'll with big motors need to down size....Then i will be able to keep up with ya'll...:tounge_out:

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    Yep, the Wildlife & Fisheries agents that approached us the other night were very polite & helpful. In fact, they said they knew we probably weren't aware of the new laws, & they asked us to spread the word. So...all you local RRR's be sure to tell all your buddies.
    Thanks, Buddy for starting this thread. You're a good guy, no matter what everybody else says!:wink:
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    Thanks Buddy and Roxie. I appreciate the update. Now for my rant....

    I am sick and tired of the government deciding what I need to do to be safe. It's my life, not theirs and mine to live as I see fit. Get out of our lives!!!!! Remember what Jefferson said, "Liberty is a tree that must be watered frequently with the blood of tyrants and patriots." Sounds like our tree is getting a little dry.
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