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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Stumpknocker2, Sep 9, 2006.

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    NW FL
    I went to a lake that someone suggested for me to go to and run my boat, no horse power limit, to make sure it was running in tip top shape before going out fishing. The lake is crystal clear, and drops off really fast. It is 25' and 35' in the whole lake. The bottom is sandy. Would this be a good lake to drift fish, it is approx. 75 acres. Or what do yall think would be the best way seeing that it is crystal clear? and deep.

    I know someone is going to say bait a hook and throw it in, but I would like a little more than
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    a clear lake and sandy bottom sounds like a great drifting lake. A no horsepower limit sounds like you might be fighting to keep a good drift. As for ways to drift I think a regular carolina rig would be great. baits start with whats natural in the water. If you anchor it may be wise to chum the area you are fishing to draw the catfish in to you. I don't believe they are as spooked by boats, until the are hooked, as other speicies of fish. Good Luck.

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    so how did the motor run after the carb rebuild. We have a natural springs river here called the rainbow river and its the same way can see 30 and 40 down, I can see the fish and are some big fish but i have fished it about 6 times and used all kinds of bait and havent got the first fish out of there. Dont know why but havent. I was raised with the old saying that if the fish can see you they wont bite and this is true to some degree i guess. also i think the guy that is suppose to fish the classic might not fish it. I,m making him make up his mind by next weekend so i should know by then. good luck on that lake