New Lake Record Flathead For Lake Wylie N.C.

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    New Lake Record Flathead For Lake Wylie North Carolina.
    On March 11-2006 David Anderson of Gastonia N.C.landed a 55 lb flathead catfish.He was fishing a Bass Tournament with his buddy Dempsey.He was using a Lucky Craft crankbait on12 lb test Red Cajun Line.Pic from news paper. :thumbsup:

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    That is a PIIIIIIIIG!!!! Nice fish.

    Did you hear what part of the lake he was fishing in? My money is on the South Fork; it seems like all the bass fishermen are in those warmer waters. Of course after this week those warmer waters will be all over.

    Glad to see that some of those bass fishermen got to see what a real fish fights like!!!

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    Well its like this, I know the spot it came from, It was 55lbs , When i say the spot,i mean the exact spot, not the area. I will tell where it is ,better still i!ll mark the spot, But i!ll mark it with my 24ft driftboat, with 6 rods off the side.:) :0a19: :0a23: when you see my cattoon, you will know, (ps) if you see it on the rite day..........