New jug regulations, fair or unfair?

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  1. Mac-b

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    Okay fellows/gals, we will have a new jug regulation as of July 1, 2008 for the state of NC, is it fair to the juggers or not. They will be limited to 70 jugs per boat with their name and address on the jug and will have to be fished dailey. Is 70 jugs enough or too many? What does the term dailey mean, most jugging happens at night. Would it be legal for someone, other than the owner of a jug, to pick it up under any circumstances? You'll might have other questions or comments.

    Let's try to contain our comments to whether or not it is fair to the juggers and not about anyones feelings toward jugging or juggers, plus comments on issues mention above and others not mentioned. Mac
  2. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    I am not a jugger or a NC resident, but for my 2 cents worth - 70 jugs per boat seems like a lot to me, especially at night. Can you really keep track of that many?

    Seems to me that any missed jugs - lost or abandoned or whatever you want to call them, would just kill fish and litter the lakes.

  3. ncfowler

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    There was post earler about some changes, can't find it but in the post, it had the regs for jugs, one of the change is that the jugs must be attendet at all times, if i read it right, i feel that this is a good thing. also putting you name and address will ge a good deterant of just leaving the jugs after your done fishing, I know when i duck hunt in some of the back waters i run across jugs that were lost just left behind. The number of jugs is way too many, it needs to be cut down big time to a more managable number
  4. riddleofsteel

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    Just to stir the pot.

    Why should a jugger have 10 times the number of lines and hooks out that any reasonable boat would have out?

    70? If out waters were infested with catfish and we were trying to remove them I could see it.

    OK think about how many boats you see on the lake.
    what if every boat dumped out 70 jugs?

  5. JAYNC

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    I've tried using jugs a couple times, its not my thing. 70 of them seems a bit high but if they all have names and addresses on them I wont mind. If people are careless with them, i'm sure the game warden will be sending you a littering ticket.
  6. biga

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    70 sure seems lie alot... here in indiana we are limited to 5 jugs per person..and they must be within your view...
  7. price

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    I think jug fishing is a southern tradition and will always be here. I think 25-50 per boat would be better number and that is what I advocated for. I do like the labeling part and I feel like "daily" means a 24 hour period and NOT within sight or always attended. My family and I make a few trips each year to local lakes and pick-up all the lost jugs and left behind limblines. I have seen several hundred (not as lie) at one time fished by 1 fisherman. This reg at least places some limit on jugs and labels make them able to ID by wildlife people. I think that the wildlife has to start somewhere. To me the issue is to see if this reg helps clean up the litter on the lakes-rivers. I think that after a year or two if there are still jugs left all over the place it can be revisited by the wildlife and the number lowered to less than 70. If the lakes-rivers are way cleaner after a 70 limit, then the 70 reg has served it's purpose. My personal feeling is that 70 is too high, and people will still miss too many and that in the future the number will end up closer to 25-50. People that jug a lot need to make sure that they keep up with their jugs or they can fall victim to the people who do not by having the number of jugs restricted to less than 70. In the end I think there are so few people that can keep up with more than 50 that the 70 limit will not last long before it is reduced further. Just my 2 cents.
  8. Dreadnaught

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    Personally I think that it is "Alot" more than fair!!!

    70 jugs is way to many for 4 boats to watch much less 1, What on earth were they thinking when they came up with that rule, LOL!!!!
  9. Hootowlc3

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    20 per boat with 2 hooks per jug would be more than enough. I don't like the name and addy on them. Fishing licens number should be enough.
  10. oh no

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    Well I will jug a bay, about 1000 acres, on KY Lake. I'll usually have about 40 jugs or so out. 70 jugs is workable, but that dirty word is WORK. lol Thats a lot of bait out, a lot of expense. But if someone only has so many times he can jug to fill his freezer, Shoot, LET HIM WORK THOSE JUGS. :confused2::eek:oooh:

    All this hollering does no good. He cannot sell the fish as a regular fisherman, It's against the LAW. So when his freezer, his neighbors freezer and his mom and dads freezers are full. He will quit working 70 jugs. lol :smile2::smile2:

    Fishing is supposed to be fun. So let a person have fun. I guarantee when someone is bait poor, lol :sad2:, lol they will slow down.

    What some of you folks do not understand is, when the water is warm, SUMMER, cut bait gets nasty after 3-4 hours. Its junk, and you have to re-bait. And cut bait is about the cheapest bait one can use. I don't think he would be using night crawlers[ 40 a flat, 500 crawlers, or 3 dollars a dozen], chicken liver is even up to about 1 fifty a pound. And it is junk after 6-8 hours in warm water. Whats he going to bait those 70 jugs with. LOL LOL

    Anyone that wants to work 70 jugs has my blessing. I hope he slays them, because he put out a lot of money in bait and fuel. I really hope he does good.:wink::wink:
  11. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    JW if you are working your jugs on an impoundment its not that big of deal hanging with them.
    Fishing them on the Green or the Ohio might be a different story.
    In the end I cast my 2 cents at the WRC for 25 jugs and to revisit limb line laws.
    I have no problem with either method myself but accountability for your fishing should be of the same standard as the man sitting on a boat with a rod and reel. You cant ask a nekkid jug for his fishing license and get very far.

    Now that laws have been enacted it yet remains to be seen how well they will be enforced. There are fishing laws that haven't been enforced and are overlooked daily. Primarily in limb lines. You could make a living cutting limblines from trees in our rivers if you could find a buyer for rotten twine and rusted hooks along with the various marking tape and duct tape wrapped around trees as markers.
  12. Quint

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    He can sell the fish as a regular fisherman under NC law! I feel that 20-25 jugs are enough for one boat to run. I also believe that the trappers running the jugs should be required to stay in sight of their sets at all times. I also feel that the jugs should have hawking hours set from sunrise to sunset, being that jugs can not be set before sunrise and must be picked up by sunset. At least the law is back again on the tagging of jug hooks, and a new reg limit for the number of jug hooks that can be set by law. We are moving in the right direction on this issue, let's just hope that we don't go backwards again! My problems with jug hooks are, Wanton Waste-being lost fish that go unretrieved by the trapper that set the hook, Litter-being jugs that are also lost and not retrieved by the trapper that set them, Boating Hazards- being jug lines wrapping up on other boaters props, Swimming Hazards- being the risk of a swimmer being entangled in a jug trap, and Unintended Wildlife Harmed-being other wildlife being caught in the jug trap that was not intended to be.
  13. CountryHart

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    For what it's worth 70 is too many for any one boat to fish. I don't have a problem with juggin but sheeeesh, seems like the fish won't last long at that rate.
  14. rahughes

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    North Carolina
    To me 70 is more than I want to deal with I dont have a lot of room in my boat. I only use 12 at a time because I am fishing with a rod and reel also. I only use jugs when looking for fish fry size cats. about twice a year. To me fishing is suspossed to be relaxing and 70 seem's like work.
  15. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    Here are Kentuckys regulations if you want to compare them. I'd look up the the regulations from several states, and maybe work out a plan of action from them.
    Notice that these regulations are for sport and commercial fish, jug fishing for crappie is a blast too :big_smile:

    RELATES TO: KRS 150.010, 150.025(1), 150.120, 150.170, 150.175, 150.235, 150.360, 150.370, 150.440, 150.445, 150.620, 150.990

    STATUTORY AUTHORITY: KRS 150.025(1), 150.440, 150.470

    NECESSITY, FUNCTION, AND CONFORMITY: KRS 150.025(1) authorizes the department to establish methods of taking fish. This administrative regulation establishes the procedures for taking sport and commercial fish by other than traditional fishing methods such as: snagging; underwater spearing, and "scuba diving"; sport fishing trot lines, jugging and setlines; the taking of rough fish from backwaters; gigging, grabbing or snagging; and bow fishing.

    Section 3. Sport Fishing Trotlines, Jugging, and Setlines. (1) Tagging and Checking.

    (a) Each sport fishing trotline, jug line or setline shall be permanently labeled or tagged with the name and address of the person using it.

    (b)1. All sport fishing trotlines, jug lines, and setlines shall be baited, checked and all fish removed at least once every twenty-four (24) hours.

    2. The fisherman shall remove these devices from the water, from the bank, or from tree limbs when he or she has finished fishing.

    3. Trotlines, setlines, or jug lines that are not properly labeled, remain unchecked, or unbaited for over twenty-four (24) hours may be confiscated.

    (2) Fishing requirements.

    (a) An individual sport fisherman shall not use more than:

    1. Two (2) sport fishing trotlines; or

    2. Twenty-five (25) setlines; or

    3. Fifty (50) jug lines.

    (b) A boat containing multiple sport fishermen shall not use more than fifty (50) jug lines per boat.

    (c) Sport fishing trotlines shall be set at least three (3) feet below the water’s surface and contain no more than fifty (50) single or multibarbed hooks placed no closer together than eighteen (18) inches.

    (d) A jug line or setline shall not have more than one (1) single or multibarbed hook.

    (e) An appropriate fishing license is required.
  16. natethe great

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    North carolina
    i feel the same way i used about 25 the two times i went out and one of the times it was me and 2 other guys and that was till pretty tough to watch so i agree with most of u and especially with the name and address rule id like to try other lakes jugging but i got to do some research on how many i can put out on that specific lake i think this is also a great rule of thumb that u need to check and c how many u put out because that lake may have high traffic so therefore it would have verry sstict rules and some lakes may have 5 boats on it all day therefore u can have ur 70 out (which i do fell is a lil much) so well yeah thats about it on my oppinions well till next time good fishing
  17. whitewhiskers

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    5 here in Indiana, to me its not worth foolin with. I like around 20 or so. My Dad and me put out 100 on big suger on ky. lake one time wind picked up and what a mess! took 2 days to find them all.
  18. tyrupp

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    I think thats too many here in kansas you can have 8 limb lines or a 25 hook trot line

    FATFLATTIE New Member

    ILM, NC
    It's a southern tradition, both jugging and setting bush hooks. However, I believe that 70 is way too much. Should be about 25. Also, like I've said in other related threads is that there's got to be somebody out there to uphold the laws. Hopefully, people will abide by the laws and those that don't will get caught and ticketed accordingly. This is progress though which is better than nothing at all.
  20. bwhupp

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    I'd have capped it to 50 hooks alloted per fisherman. If they run a trotline, each hook counts. Run jugs with multiple hooks, those count. Run 50 single hooked jugs or 25 dual hooked jugs. I would have rather seen the law go that way than an open 70 jugs.

    And 50 jugs isn't that bad if they are stationary jugs. I attach my jugs with carabiners to structure so I know the jug won't go anywhere unless someone moves it. I would never fish with more than 50 and like I said, that is stationary jugs.

    Free floating jugs, I run 18 of them and drift with them. They never leave my sight. So it all depends on the situation and how comfortable the angler is at keeping track of all the jugs. I am very particular about counting jugs every few minutes.