New Idea for Bait catching rig

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by TA2D, Oct 13, 2006.

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    After seeing some of the salmon fishers up in Michigan a couple of weeks ago using "noodle" rods it got me thinking. what about a 8-9 foot flyrod with an ultralight spinning reel? Think of how a chub would bow that rod in half, and you would be able to cast a mile... well not a mile but far enough and if you didn't want to cast you could just use it like a cane pole. Any thoughts???


  2. alands94

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    Actually, I use a rig like this when fishing for small cats in a local pond. The only problems I have had it getting a good hookset when I have a lot of line out. It seems that the rods bows too much on a hookset. Just my experience........

  3. buddah

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    That would be awesome on panfish and smallmouth bass though! I use a medium power light action 11'6" pole for smallies and its a blast!
  4. primitivefrn

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    Braided line will help the hook set, I use 9' pole alot to catch bait perch and bullheads, 8' works better on bullheads, I like the 9' set up for channels , they rarely get over 6lb. here, 3lb and smaller more common, works good on them
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    i use a crappie grabber telescoping 14ft. its very limber and works great for catchin bait. I think they even make a little reel that can go on it. i use floating fly line on mine with about a 2 ft 4lb test leader on the end.
    Ive actually thought about usin one of those whip cb antennas and makin a bait pole but aint got round to it yet.
  6. peewee williams

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    .We had old threads on this somewhere.I have been using Fly rods,a Noodle rod and a Match rod for years with a spinning reel.My son and I also use Daiwa Under spin reels on all of the above as I have a lot of trouble using my hands at times.Kahle hooks really helps me on my hookup percentages.I use as small as #8 Kahle with Worms and Crickets for pan fish and bullheads.I use to cast and troll a lot with ultra-lite lures.Great combo for fun fishing in my opinion.Also great for early fishing for Bream in 6 inches or less shallow water.In late winter fish will feed in the still Sun warmed shallows.Large bream will swim on their sides in this water and will readily take crickets.I use to cast a cricket or worm on a #8 kahle hook,a BB shot weight under a split Test Tube cork stopper up into these shallows for the first fish of the season.peewee-williams