New homemade tourny livewell

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    I made this livewell today, it is a 60 or 70 gallon truck toolbox..A delta Paker60 to be exact..Rigged a spraybar up in there, and will be using it to win tournies this year..LOL...It is nothing too fancy or spectacular, but I think it will definantly keep some good fish alive..



    The spray bar is made from half inch PVC pipe..It is 45 inches long, with 3 little holes drilled in it to maintain a constant spray. I used a 500 gph atwood bilge pump to circulate the water..I had plans of also putting 2 12 inch airstones in the livewell and using a power bubbles 12 volt double hosed aerator,but for some reason I am only getting bubbles from one side of the aerator, so think a piston in it is shot or something..Once I purchase a new areator, I will also be installing the airstones... Here are a few pics of what i have right now.