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    Hello All,

    Am new here at the BOC, but have been enjoying the outdoors and catfishing since I was a young teen!

    Grew up in a military family so we moved quite often, but spent quite some time in Louisiana and learned to love the catfishing down there.

    Ended up settling down in Maryland, The hunting up here is great but always thought that my catfishing fun would be reserved for trips back to louisiana to visit my parents!

    After doing a bit of searching on the internet recently have found out that the Potomac is evidently an excellent blue & channel cat fishery! So decided that it's high time I tuned back in to all the fun I had when I was younger whilst catting! Also looking to get my teenage son "Hooked"!

    Picked up a 14 starcraft V-Bottom boat with a 15hp motor that was in need of many repairs, have ripped out all the old stuff and put down new decking and i/o carpet etc. The boat is getting close to being sea-worthy as I write this (have carb rebuilt as it needed it)

    Can't wait to get out on the potomac and have a go at those blues for fun, and some channel's for the frying pan.

    Anyone with experience on fishing out of Ft. Washington area willing to show a newbie to the fishery how to make it happen?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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    Central Cail
    Hello Alex welcome to the BOC....Your going to really enjoy this great site.