New Havasu Fish Bait Report

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    I Rigged 4 poles with

    1 with anchovie head

    1 with premo sticky:smile2:

    2 with liver

    Origonaly i thought liver was going to be winner but to my suprize 30 min after the premo was there,,,,,, BAM... small 2 pound channell

    10 minutes later a small 1 lb prego and a with a good mouth hook i let her go :wink:

    I got 1 strong hit on the liver but spat it out :angry:

    next time i go out i think i might do a little chum and bring premo and liver :smile2:
  2. Kevin N

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    I often do as you since my wife goes along i too put 4 poles out we both have the two pole stamps so as long as she goes I get extra poles to play with I have tryed most all baits from stink to prepaired the thing that always seams to work for me is to use hotdogs with a little cheese wiz most people can not believe thats what i use But hey It works!!! i break the hotdogs (do not ever cut the dog) when you break the hot dog it leaves a rough edge witch holds cheese well work some cheese wiz into each end of the dog with your fingers. before putting the cheese put it on the hook first..I role the dog on the hook not pushing it on use the cheep hot dogs as the skin is thicker and holds the hook better when i get to where i am fishing i lay out a couple dogs so the outter skin dryes out some that also helps with the hook staying in.. if you role in the line the cheese will be gone it disapates to draw the cats that has yet to let me down.. it works when all other bait does not also you do not come home smelling of stink bait


    we the wife and i would say 7out of 10 have been caught on dogs

  3. Flatheadhunter33

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    Yuma, Arizona
    I gotta try this one. Thanks Kevin.