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    Pec, Illinois
    Hey all,
    I just found this place today while searching for some cheesebait on google. Been fishing off and on my whole life and just recently got serious about catching something bigger after a guide my boss provided took us to kick the snot out of a bunch of smallmouth bass for the 4th of July. I found myself thinking that the bass just didn't interest me as much as fighting a decent cat so I'm back at it. I've caught 5-6 pound cats in the past but they are nothing compared what you guys are catching. I'm full of stupid questions about catching them and the gear in general so hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction. For starters, what does B.O.C. stand for?

    Where I mostly fish: I live in Pecatonica, Il so the closest thing to me is the Pecatonica River which isn't bad for the stuff I'm catching. I'm not huge on the Pec River because where I'm able to fish it the current is a lot stronger than what I'd like. The Pec right behind the Fairgrounds is supposed to be awesome for Walleye during the spawn.

    Just outside of town is the Four Lakes Forrest Preserve which is an old fish hatchery. I've seen, caught, and heard good things about it in the past but this year all I've gotten out there are tiny ones. From watching and talking to the other fishermen it doesn't sound like they are doing too hot there either. They said in the past you could come out and max out on bluegill pretty quick but they seem to be few and far between now.

    Used to fish the Rock River a lot when I was younger. Mostly out at the Cement Plant in Dixon, the Dixon bridge/dam, and a little in Grand Deteur and Oregon. For the most part fishing from the banks.

    Tonight I scouted out the Trask Bridge Forrest Preserve that someone at work told me about and I can't wait to fish it. Taking off this Friday to check it out but it looks promising. Better current than where I fish the Pec in town and tons of structure in the water. Course with Friday off maybe I'll head out there Thursday after work and see what's what. I had heard of it in the past but thought it was just a bridge people fished off of, not a boat launch and park so I never checked it out even though it's around 10 miles from my house. Live and learn I guess.

    Bait: I usually use G and S Cheese Bait and a #6 treble hook and occasionally I'll throw out a worm on a different pole. After reading here and watching a bunch of InFisherman catfish videos it looks like the thing to have is cutbait though and I wonder if that's why I'm only getting the 3-6 pounders with my cheese or worm. Gonna get me some chubs thurs night and freeze them to take with me Friday to test drive my whole theory.


    Greg McKean
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Welcome to the BOC, this site is full of good info and great people!

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    Greg Welcome to the BOC. Dip baits will catch a lot of eating size fish. Live bait or cut bait will catch larger fish, most of the time. Check out the members library for lots of fishing info.
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    S.E Ohio
    Welcome to the BOC an good luck fishing!
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    Welcome to the B.O.C. Greg!:big_smile::0a25: If it's questions you have, then it'll be answers you'll receive! This site is full of info. on catching all 3 species of catfish, including info. on boats, tackle, pretty much anything related to or about catfishing and catfisherman.
    Try out some cutbait on your next trip Greg, I think you might be surprised at the difference it makes. You also said that you used to fish the Rock, I think if you scout out some more bank spots(sounds like you don't have a boat?) you might have a good chance at getting some bigger fish there too.
    GOOD LUCK, GREG! :wink:

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    Welcome to the B.O.C. Greg:big_smile::crazy::eek:oooh::embarassed::roll_eyes:
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    Hey Greg

    Welcome to the B.O.C.,

    This is a fun place and lots of good info on fishing,
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    Vian Okla
    Welcome to the BOC

    BOC= Brotherhood of Catfishermen
    SOC= Sisterhood of Catfisherwomen

    Ask your questions someone will have an answer or will find one.
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    Blue Springs
    Welcome to the Boc :wink:
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    Hello Greg,

    Great that you found us. I am from the southern Illinois section, so my knowledge of the northern parts for fishing is pretty much nonexistant. I know a lot of folks do the Rock River for flatheads and seem amazingly successful.

    In terms of your bait choice, those cheese baits and manufactures baits are indeed going to catch you generally speaking smaller cats (usually channel cat). My bait of choice is shad. I recommend you getting yourself a castnet from walmart or someplace (remember in IL, only 8 foot diameter or smaller is allowed) and learn to throw it. Purchasing one of these nets will save you tons of money in the end instead of buying bait!

    Also, to catch some bluegill, I recommend trying some of those Berkley Gulp Maggots which again can be purchased from walmart of Bass Pro/Cabelas. Here, they seem to catch more gills than any other bait I have ever used. With smaller gills, you can put it under a large float (Try Wildwolfproducts, a BOC sponsor) and hook them in live under the dorsal fin. Cast it out into a brushy pile or so.

    Really try and hit the member library. It is a gold mine for information and things. For tackle, our sponsors are great. I personally have several kat bobbers from Wild Wolf Products and Team Catfish gear is pure gold for your catfish needs. Their hooks are some of the best on the market in truth for all types of catting needs. For manufactured bait, that Secret 7 is good stuff too. Even seen bluecats get pulled in by that bait.

    Again, welcome to the BOC <Brotherhood of Catfisherman>! Look forward to reading your posts.
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    Girard, IL
    welcome to the b.o.c,and good luck on your new p.b
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    norfolk, va
    welcome aboard. these guys will put you on some good fish before you know it!
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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Welcome to the BOC Greg.
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    Vilonia Ar
    Welcome to the BOC Greg. Good luck and good fishing!!!
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    Welcome to the BOC from Alton, IL. Good luck.
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    Welcome to the BOC greg :cool2: you will find that you found the best group of people and all the answers you will need and a few new fishing buddies this site sets up gatherings in and around you area to meet bothers and sisters for fellowship and fishing.:wink:
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    welcome to the boc!
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    Pec, Illinois
    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I'm gonna go try that new place (Trask Bridge Forrest Preserve) I was talking about earlier for a couple hours after work. I tried to wait til Friday but it just isn't happening.:eek:oooh: Only taking dip bait tonight though, gonna try cut bait for the first time Friday morning before the sun comes up. Hope to see something bigger than what I've been getting off of the dip.

    thanks again,

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    Welcome to the BOC from Ohio! rollo