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Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by cantstopgrandma, Aug 28, 2008.

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    I just got a new Glock 23. Maryland law requires I keep it from getting into the hands of children and other people that have no business messing with my handgun. With a curious little 3 year old running around the house, I tend to agree with Maryland on this issue. My problem is, I want to keep my glock as a "nightstand" gun, but i dont wanna hafta take it in and out of the safe in the hall everytime i leave and come home. I thought about a locking case, but most seem to have cheap locks that dont look like they would last long. I was searching through and found this:

    I was planning on leaving the chamber empty anyway so all I have to do is rack the slide and i'm in business. With this, I believe i could unlock it and rack the "safety bullet" thing out and a round would chamber out of the magazine. Looks pretty simple and would keep my daughter from accidentally discharging it should she somehow get ahold of it (lets face it, you cant watch their every move no matter how hard you try). Not to mention its a lot cheaper than a hard lockable case. Please lend me your thoughts. There's also a neat little video there that describes it in better detail.
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    I dont remember where I saw them but there are small safes that have fingerprint reconnition.try googling gun safe. Hope this helps.

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    my bedroom gun can be decocked, and has to be put back to fire before it will shoot. also, i quit putting a pistol right by the bed. i have woke up a few times from a pretty vivid dream to where who i was looking at, my wife, was a perceived threat. i know it might sound dumb or wierd, but i don't want to wake up like that and do something that i can't ever fix. now the gun is across the room, where if i have to retrieve it, i have a little wake up time before i actually get a hand on it.
    another thing, and this won't help right now, is to educate your child about firearms in the home. my girls won't touch a gun without permission. i have a 7 year old and a 4 year old. i have left an unloaded co 2 pistol out in the living room and left them in the room alone to see what they would do. every time they have come to get me and tell me there's a gun that's not in the safe. aside from home safety, there very well might come a day when your kid is at a friend's house, and the friend decides to show off their parents' gun to everyone. it's a time like this more than ever that your kid needs to tell an adult right away, before the other kids start playing cowboys and indians.
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    I have a friend that has one of these and it works pretty slick...even has a light in it when the front pops open. Good recommendation...
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    I have the same gun and when my daughter was born my wife was worried about having the gun by our bed. I took the clip out and asked her to pull the slide back, she had a hard time doing it. I don't worry about a small child at all with my Glock. Like someone stated in an earlier post the best safety you can have with kids is teach them about them. My daughter once old enough was taught and knows not to touch one without an adult present. If any kids come to the house for a visit we lock our bedroom door and they are told to keep out. Most problems kids get into with guns are that they have never seen or held a real one so to most kids they look just like a toy. If you are not a member of the NRA check out their website they have good tools to help teach kids about gun safety.
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    might check your police station, here in pa where i live the local police station gives out free pistol locks, they are the short cable locks that goes up and out the chamber thru the mag compartment, looks like a short bicycle lock, i pick up a couple everytime i see them out, infact it also makes a good spare tire lock for the boat trailer:wink:
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    This won't help with your selection of choice, but when I had youngins running round, my house gun was a Browning Hi-Power. It has a magazine disconnect; with the magazine out, it will not fire. Lot faster than any lock.
    Lots of fellas don't like that, but I do, and always did. It's simple.
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    I would have to chose the biometric safe rather then the Visualock Handgun Security System. The way I see it is that if the time comes that you need to use it you are'nt going to be able to unlock the safety round while under stress. With the fingerprint safe you just touch the lid and your ready to rock. It will keep it safe from the kiddo till you can teach her about firearms. JMO. I hope this helps.
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    I agree with Roger.

    I don't see how a small child could work the slide. My wife doesn't have the hand strength to work the slide on my Glock 26.

    Raised two daughters around loaded guns. They were vision taught at an early age what a gun could do. That seem to work for them.