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    i have a german sheperd/black lab mix. is it good for any hunting?
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    Pinson, Al
    I have seen several dogs thru the years that were mixed and did
    a good job in the field. One of the best tree dogs I have ever seen
    was half airdale and half redbone his only fault he was silent on the
    trail but would blow the top out of a tree. A dog with all the blood
    line in the world and not trained or hunted will never be very good.
    But a smart dog that understands what you want and is kept in the
    woods and really worked can be a good dog. Labs are trained to
    to retreive and some are trained to work close and flush. German
    shepards are trained as trackers of men and drug dogs. It just
    depends how much time you have to work him. What he is lacking
    in instinct will have to be over come with hard work. A dog like this
    might make a great dog to work on a leash and track wounded big
    game.(Blood trails)

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    use to have a friend in baycity texas that used germans for hog dogs.didnt catch real well but were great bay dogs.had an uncle that used a white german for squriels and he done good so like the post before mine just put him in the woods and he should be ok.
  4. henderson616

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    im new at this so how wou ld i train him? he knows all the basic commands.
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    As all dogs, the same as people, are not created equal, the only choice you have is to run him up the flag pole and see who salutes.

    I have been a dog trainer, a dog trainers trainer, a breeder, exhibitor and judge. I like to start training my dogs at around 8 weeks old. I started with Pointers and Labs and when my wheels fell off I switched to bulldogs. The main thing to training dogs is to learn to speak dog. That means understanding that dogs are dogs, not little people. they being pack animals depend on the people, or dogs around them. there is a pack order and you and all the people in your dogs life are above him in that pack order. This may sound harsh, but this is a dog and he is happier when he has disciplined structure. It is when they don't have this, they get confused and misbehave. This is when they stop being that loving pet. You owe it to the dog and yourself to lead the pack and make it a pleasant way of life for both.

    To do this you never need to hurt the dog. If you take notes from his mother, you will see you need two things to train. A bond, (affection between you and the dog), and guidance, in a way he can understand. This is talking dog. This involves voice, (high or low, soft or loud) If his mom don't want him to do something, she uses low growl. If she is pleased her sound gets higher. If she is calm She will be more quiet than when she is excited. To train you must be calm most of the time. This is the key to voice command reinforcement.

    Lets put this in practice with your dog. Retrieving is an asset for most hunting dogs. Take a towel roll it up in a roll and tie with string tight. then tease the dog with it. When he takes it in his mouth your voice gets higher with good boys and belly rubs and fanny scratches. You just said he did good in dog talk. Now suppose he drops it and his attention gets fixed on something else. A firm gentle nudge with hand or foot and a low no, says you disapproved and also regained his attention. In a little while you will have, what the call a frantic retriever. This is the building block to retrieve bird or track sent by changing sent of the retrieved object.

    All training is done as building blocks. Start with basic obedience, heeling, siting and coming to you. Never give a command if you can't make him do it. Like sit, you say sit, pull up on leash and press down on fanny all at the same time and with your happy voice say what a good job he did. In a few times even the slowest dog will be trying to beat the pull of the leash and the press of the hand. Not that they hurt but that it pleased you. As you can see, with a good bond and the right dog talk, you can achieve anything.

    My last twenty years was devoted to Bulldogs for conformation shows. You can not make a Bulldog do anything. You make them like you and ask.

    I seen another post here, about potty training. If you know what goes in the dog and when, you know when it will come out. Keep the dog very clean and if he has an accident immediately run him out to show where and if he does something out there, use that high good boy voice. One other thing. Roll up a newspaper real tight and when dog goes on the floor, take the newspaper and hit yourself on the head and repeat, 'I did not watch my puppy". I like to put a bell on a cord buy the door and use their nose to ring it every time they go out. This saves on barking and door scratching. You get out of a dog, exactly what you put in.