New dock livewell

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    Well I took my little fabrill bucket down to the dock yesterday and only expected to catch some gills for cattin but to my surprise the waters were gray of 1000s of shad. each cast I was getting 12-18 shad each. I got used to not having my bait die on me (gills are hard to kill) but the shad didn't last long at all...(with an even 8 in the bucket ). There was a guy I saw a while ago and he used a collaspable cloths hamper but it had a solid bottom and killed them off pretty fast too :confused2:.

    I decided to make my own bucket after seeing guys using the (dip nets) with a 6oz sinker in the middle to hang it down enough to use it as a livewell too... ( for constant filtration )

    1 is the 60 9/16 holes I put 1X1 on the bottom

    2 is the other hole I put to keep it floating around the dock

    3 is the 4ft rope to hold it

    4 is the regular bait net stuck into the swiffer floor mop and a glob of epoxy

    5 is the 4 ft net handle that screws together ( water noodle for cheap insurance):smile2:

    6 is everything all in the bucket for easy storage/transportation :wink:

    Floats around the dock and you never have to get your hands wet getting your bait :cool2:​