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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Fire-Man, Jul 27, 2006.

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    South Carolina
    I am 50 and this is my first year of deer hunting. I will be still hunting. I am in a area that seems to have alot of deer movement, but not around where I chose to put my ladder stand. Maybe I am expecting something--to quick. I have had a slinger barrel feeder up for a month and a camera, but all I am attracting is squirells, raccoon's, opposiums, birds, but no deer. I chose this location by walking through the woods(Thick under grouth) and found a well used trail---well I had no problem seeing the trail through the woods and it had fresh deer tracks and I followed it a short piece and found several last year scrapes. I backed away from this trail a short piece and hung a corn slinger. It has drawed no deer and I have not seen any fresh deer tracks in the month the feeder has been hanging, I guess I ran them off, but I see alot of deer tracks crossing the dirt road as close as 100 yards from the feeder. There is a corn field about 50-60 yards from the feeder. The corn in this field has not been cut yet. I went yesterday and planted some deer attract clover/mix in a open area about the size of a small house in the middle of these woods(alot of work by hand). I will be able to see this spot from my stand. It is about 125ft from my feeder, but still to the side of this trail. I also put out a 50lb salt block. I just put up my stand yesterday. To give you a idea of my set-up-----I walk into the woods from a dirt rd to my stand that is about 75yrds from the road. When I get into my stand, my back is to the dirt rd--------using a clock numbers------we will say the road behind me is 6 oclock with straight in front of me as 12 oclock. At 9 oclock starts about a 20 acre corn field that goes away from me app 1/4 mile and turns to the right--shaped kinda like a P, the part of the field closest to me is only about 50ft wide. At 10 oclock is my corn slinger and its about 50-75ft from my stand--at 11 oclock and about 400yrds away is a water hole/pond. At 12 oclock and about 800 yards away is a 50+acre soyabean field. At 1 oclock and about 75ft away is my fresh planted deer attract and salt block. At 2 oclock and about 150yrds away is another pond and at 3 oclock and about 200yrds away is another pond. These are the only 3 water holes in the area. At 6 oclock/behind me across the dirt rd is real thick woods that goes a long way till you get to a field, but someone else hunts that. So behind me is out. I realize all this corn and beans still in the fields hurts me. Keep in mind these woods are thick---I can't even see the dirt rd behind me. If some of You pro's don't mind---give me some info (Good and bad) on my set-up. I realize my stand is close to the feeder, but I just put it up yesterday and it had to be close--I still had to cut the tops out of the young tree's to be able to see my feeder and my "Plot". I guess I am hoping to get things set-up right so I might get lucky and bag a couple this/my first season. Thanks for all the help and info in advance. Randy
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    Around here the deer are still feeding at night and early morning. See lots of em around 1 in the morning as we come back from fishing. They probably won't start using the feeder until their food sources get kinda scarce. Probably mid to late September they should get hot on it. All of the green brouse will probably be drying up as the fall weather gets here.
    When the food plot seeds sprout they'll be in it for sure. They have continously kept my aunts garden mowed down. Mostly the green beans and peas. Just hang in there and get you a mess of squirrels and have some fried if they are young uns or make up a mess of squirrel and dumplins. Don't forget to call some of us guys over when supper is ready.

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    well since there's plenty of time before the season you could change your stand location no problem?? lol i already know what trees im gonna get in this year lol. still hunting is only a tactic i would use early and late in the day since those are the times when deer are moving most and i wanna bump as few as possible but during the mid-day when they wont move i'd try to still hunt em .....goood luck
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    well im no pro by any means but ill try to pass on a thing or two but keep in mind there are 100 ways to skin a cat.

    i dont start "corning" my stands/lanes till about a month before bow season starts. sometimes i use feeders but most oft i just pour it out on the ground. ill retouch a point made in another thread... i pour mine out just on the other side of trees from my stand when possible. the deer can eat but with the tree in the way it will never see me raise up on him. if corning a new stand, ill get maybe about six little piles from a 50 lb bag.. some will be gone asap... some may take days and days. (go figure huh?)
    and the feeder too close to the tree? nah, one of my old stands was a box and had a feeder hanging from under it. the comment about them not needing your corn right now is a valid one.

    salt... consider this to be next years investment. just about everywhere i'd guess the deer only have maybe 20 percent of antler growth at most left to develop so trace mineral blocks wont be of too much benefit and by late summer the deer stop going to them as much as they do in the spring. keep salt there forever and generations of deer will come to it when they need it.

    help me out here fellas... somewhere in this sub-forum is a thread we all talked about this very thing, corn and salt... cant remember the name of thread.

    you mentioned you found some trails... what kind of trails? did you find a deer trail for sure or did you find another critter's path that had some bambi feet in it? if it is... did you follow it and scout it out to find out the deer's primary feeding areas, the bedding grounds, etc etc etc... if youve found a doe's trail with fawns, you can find their playpen too. a really secluded spot where momma will sit to the side and let the kids frolic around. careful observation of tracks and sign will reveal all this.

    that patch of woods is akin to your house. its their home and they have routines just like you do. figuring out this will increase your odds of a successful harvest tenfold.

    enuff from me, someone else's turn......
    best of luck to you,
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    GC, OHIO
    Welcome to the BOC, always great to have another new member.
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    your first name
    With all the crops I doubt theyll bother with your corn till they harvest. Id still use the salt or mineral and look good at that water hole for a spot to hunt. Is the dirt road used often or would you be the only one on it. If your the only one using it I would look for a spot to hunt it too.
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    Great post Chad......good information
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    I agree with derbycitycatman. With all the crops growing right now its almost pointless to be feeding them this soon. Its not only crops but all the natural food they find in there home range. I can tell you this though, by keeping the feeder active, not venturing into the area to often and staying observant will give you an almost 100% chance of insuring good deer activity at your feeder once the crops and natural food are harder to find! ive got lots of info to share with you if you need any help!
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    Welcome to the BOC.If deer are using the trails nearby they will start using the feeder when their other food sources start drying up. What part of SC are you in? Most areas of SC have plenty of deer so you should not have any problems killing a few this year.
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    South Carolina
    I Live in Conway, but will be hunting close to Mullins/Floyds area which is where my Girl Friend lives. We started dating 3 months ago---She Loves deer hunting and she got 4 deer last year on this place. I will take her stand--If I need it--LOL to bag one. She has a GOOD spot!!

    Thanks to everyone for welcoming me here--I ran across this place doing a search. I also started catfishing this year, but hadn't gone alot yet. My Biggest so far is 23lb.

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    sounds like your off to a good headstart. it takes time to see what is going on in your woods.the best thing to do is just keep scouting not just preseaon but all year round ,patterns change so you will have to change too. you will want to have a couple of different stands depending on wind direction and feeding and bedding be succesful.if you can get an overhead picture of the land look for bottlenecks coming in to your area ,deer will travel these bottlenecks.hpoe this helped good luck this fall
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    Fire-man welcome, I,am new myself, very informational site. I have been planting plots and studing deer behavoir for long while now, my two cents would be don't worry so much about food source and feeders this early in the game right now. I would myself put the trail camera close to the area between the corn, water and soybean field. This would give you a general idea of the deer count in your location.
    To start with I would say your deer are feeding late in the night in the soybeans and into the morning. A guess would be they leave the soybeans and hit the watering hole at your 11:00 position, then travel in the direction of the corn to bed there at the corn or cross the road to the big timber.
    Remember this would be a summer pattern , try sitting somewhere high around the soybean field before light and glass the field to find the area they are exiting the field.
    Figuring out spots to hunt are trial by air it will take time, try not to pressure the deer in your area and do your scouting after this years season , do your scouting from a distance and i don't know how big your hunting area is but try to put an away as a safe haven that you don't go into.
    Sounds like you have a good area to hunt just figure out this fall what is morning stand spots and evening spots,and good luck