New Christmas Tradition!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by flathead willie, Dec 19, 2008.

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    I have a brother, a sister, a mother, 2 nephews, a niece, and 10 cousins that I have always been very close to. A few years ago we started a new family tradition. Instead of buying gifts for the adult members of the family, we take the money we would have spent and donate it to local charities. It's a lot more satisfying them buying something they don't need, and probably don't want anyway. I just mailed checks to The Veterans Administration, our local food bank, The Center for Abused Women, the local Buddhist Center, and a couple other charities, in the names of my family. I know times are hard for a lot of Americans. Almost every charity organization is feeling the pain also. Even our local library is offering 50 cents off all late fees for every can of food you donate to the food banks. I hope everyone keeps their fellow Americans in mind during the holidays. Remember, we're all in this boat together. :0a17:
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    I just made a sm donation to Salvation Army. If we all pull together like Bro Willie said, the needs will get met.
    Thanks for the post brother.