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    I see a lot of people new to catting here on this site.WELCOME to all of you!Good to see the BOC growing.I aint preaching here,just trying to give some of the new guys a helping hand.Everything else is MY OPINION ONLY!I see a lot of new catters trying to get too technical,too fast.I hate to see guys putting the cart before the horse(hell,why do I know all these sayings my dad knew,dating myself!).I,m not saying the gear aint important,I,m just saying,There,s a lot of things I,d put first.If you like spinning,fine,stay with spinning,if you think you,d like casting,give it a try.More important than the brand,is being able to put your baits where you want them,day or night.Before you worry about what brand line to buy,make sure you know how to tie a few knots WELL.Don,t worry about the big debate between J hooks and circles,learn how to keep your hooks sharp and set them properly.Don,t worry about rod length or brand,use someting that,s strong and a length your comfortable with.When buying gear,try and buy the best that you can AFFORD.I can sit here and discuss the minute details of tackle as good as the next guy,but that aint always gonna get me more fish.The BOC can cut years off your learning curve,but you have to remember,there still is gonna be a learning curve.The ability to read water,have a sense of what the fish are doing and why,can,t be bought.Everyones greatest tool,new or old,is what,s in your head.I,ve probaly read a roomful of books on fishing in my life,but I have to have that lightbulb go off in my head,The only way that happens for me is through experience.I,ve spent 40 years chasing these bastards,I still pick up something new almost every time I,m out.Sometimes I don,t even know why I know some of the stuff I know,shit just gets accumulated in there over the years!Don,t be afraid of making mistakes,that,s one of the ways we all learn.Learn to enjoy the sights,sounds,smell,of the river,taking all that in is gonna make you a better catter than any equipment you could buy.I,m married,my wife fishes with me,I,m on disability,I have no other constraints on my time.In short,Fishing is my life!I learned to love the water and the art of fishing long before I had any decent tackle,I hope you do too.I guess what it boils down to is don,t sweat the small stuff,get out there and try with what you know.If I were to die tommorow,I can,t complain.The good Lords blessed me with a lot of big fish and wonderful memories,some of those best memories weren,t big fish or huge numbers,just good times.All my years of cattin,I aint broke 40lbs yet,my PB so far is a 38lb,er.When I set that hook and feel a nice fish on the end,I get as excited as I did 40 some years ago.That,s the way I hope you feel 40 years from now.Get out and give it hell,don,t worry about doing it perfect and create a wonderful memory in your head.If you get the BASICS down right,everything else will follow.:wink:
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    PAT ;very good post ,a lot of truth in what u say cathing is fun ,but just enjoying the time spent with family an freinds out in nature is the most important part of fishn to me :wink::smile2:

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    I agree. I feel that more often than not our competitive nature comes out and we feel we have to get that personel best every time out. It should be amout have a good day with family and friends wether you catch fish or not. The fish is the bonus for the day. Experience will catch the fish not the equipment.
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    Aaaaaamen brother! :cool2:
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    One thing I learned on an In-Fisherman Video and it makes logical sense.

    Catfishing> Keep it simple!!!!!!!!:wink:
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    FANTASTIC post. I agree 100%, just get your hooks in the water. The best tool is trial and error, you will learn my by getting out on the water. No reason catfishing should be too expensive for anybody, start with what you got and make it work..... Above all this is a FUN sport!!!! Great outdoors and the excititment of reeling in a fish thinking that this could be the one!! Great post Pat.:cool2:
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    Great post Pat. I could not agree more. I learned to love the river as a young boy fishing with my dad, and I still love hanging around the banks trying to catch bait and waiting for the 125lbr to hit me.
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    There is nothing like being on the water trying things. You ever get one of those feeling that tells you cast over there, then you look at the spot and can't see any of the stuff your "supposed" to look for, well just cast there and give it a try. That is where a lot of my best fish come from.
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    Thanks Patcat, I enjoyed you post and agree, I love being out ther catching or not. Just being out there and enjoying the surroundings. Most of my equipment is old and bought from local auctions or yard sales and it serves me well, I might miss that big one one day but i will still enjoy that split second when I think I might have him.
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    Great info Pat.
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    awesome post.
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    excellent post
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    Thanks Pat, I myself just started catfishing and fishing in general this year. One of the first things I noticed is all the info, tackle, and equipment that is out there. I found it to be very mind boggling and frankly overwhelming. It is very comforting to hear a long time catfisherman say some words like that.
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    Theres times I git my boys zebco 33 out and have myself a ball you are right sometime we need to lean back take in a deep breath and enjoy ourselves:big_smile: