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    This section is for the members to show off their boats and the modifications they make to them.
    It doesnt have to be a boat rebuild project.
    Start your own thread with a title like " Ramrod's 20' McKee Craft"
    This way the section will flow like water instead of mud.

    Start your thread today and keep a running diary of changes you make, changes you are thinking about, or just tossing out ideas for responses.
    We all have alot of ingenuity so share yours.

    When this section builds up and has some miles behind it , it stands to help all of us as a record of what works, what doesn't, and ways to make it work.
    Yea, I said doesn't work. If a modification fails to bring the expected results you desired we still want to hear about it. You may save someone else time and money or someone else may run with the idea and come up with a way to make it work.

    I'll be moving some existing threads here to get it going. In the process I'll probally have to rename some to fit the section. Lets get crackin'
    The threads I move and change the name I'll let the thread owner know by PM with a link to it.
    If you have an existing thread that would fit here please post the link to it in this thread or PM me with a link and I'll get moved for you.