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Discussion in 'Boating' started by Skipper, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Skipper

    Skipper New Member

    Looking at buying new boat. Carolina skiff 2480 dlx w/ 115 yamaha. Any comments on boat good or bad welcomed and suggestions needed on motor perference. Other motor options are suzuki 140 for about same money or honda 115. Thanks.
  2. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Skipper, if all the motors are four stroke, I would go with the Honda first and the Yamaha second. I have a 150 HP Honda on my 22' Sundance (CC) and it is very dependable and maybe a little bit better on gas than the other two you mentioned. Only draw back, if any, is that it weighs more than other 150 HP engines by almost 100 pounds. Mac

  3. chrisblue

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    Few things to consider with a 4 stroke is that they are heavier like Mac said but they are also sluggish but good on gas.I have a Yamaha 150 4 stroke and it has a hard time when theres more than 3 people in the boat.If I had it to do over again I would probably get a Evinrude E-tec.
  4. Mickey

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    Skipper you need to consider the warranty and service dealer in your decision.Is there a good service dealer nearby for the one you choose?
  5. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    if your gonna go with a 4 stroker get the suzuki. IMO they are By far the best of the four strokes
  6. catch & release

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    Great Boat! The 115 may have a hard time getting out of the hole with a standard prop. My buddy just bought a 1980 with a 90 Yamaha 4 stroke and had to put a prop on it with more pitch. Might want to check Lo Country Marine in Walterboro.....they are hard to beat on skiffs.
  7. droptine77

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    Anderson, SC
    No one can change your mind if you already have your heart set on it but one thing to remember is a skiff could beat you to death in rough water. Good luck must be nice to RICH.
  8. WylieCat

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    I have researched these boat a lot, so I will tell you what I know.

    First, look at the DLV instead of the DLX. It is more of a V-hull and will probably ride a lot better in rough water

    Second, the Suzuki is going to have a SIX YEAR warranty, so I would lean toward it. Great motors. If you can afford $1000 more money, then buy you 150hp and you will be glad you have the extra hp. Yamaha is offering a $750 rebate on many of its motors right now, so it may behoove you to spend that on the extra hp.

    I think that DLX you are looking at is around $19,000, but I am not exactly sure. I KNOW the 1980 DLX with a 90hp is $16,000 from Sams Boats in NC. They are probably your best bet on price of any place I have checked. They have a great selection, and only sell Carolina Skiff.

    You will probably be seeing me in a 19 foot DLV powered by Suzuki in the near future....:wink:
  9. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    If I were to do it all over again, I would buy the sea ark river cat, but cant change that now. Skiffs are nice but they are fiberglass and not sure of the waters your fishing in, but if you fish in any of the conditions that I do, you will be doing a lot of repairing so you dont get delamination in the hull. As far as engines go, get one that has the best service in your area, they are all great engines.