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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by 98custom, Nov 29, 2005.

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    I got a new boat. actually its not new, a couple of years old.(5-7 maybe, not quite sure. ill check.) Its a 14 foot welded jon boat with a 30 evinrude. the motor needs work-carbeurator- that we will get fixed. probaly profeshionaly. It has a brand new trailer. It has a small casting deck in the front. i need to get ideas on rod holders and the like. its barebone except for pedestal seats (1 front, 1 back), live/baitwell w/o an aerator, and what i mentioned above. i think it does have 1 or 2 bench seats. all ideas welcome. i will get pics up soon. we got this boat for free from a friend so we are more willing to put some money into, but tyring to stay as cheap as possible. thanks.
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    Theres a lot of helpful info in "informative member posts". It's what was called the library on the old site.
    Good tips for the thrifty minded too,LOL

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    congratulations on the boat be carefull in a 14 foot boat dont overload and distribute wieght carefully
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    I Would say just get out and fish with it and modifie as you go along, There's a bunch of way's to sit the ol girl up, But it would probably depend on the kinda fishing you plan on doing in a lake or river and how you fish. I wish you luck with it and if you need advice on motor repair I am sure Bobpaul will have a good answer for you. he has a section dededcated to boat motor repairs on here.