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New boat

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This last R&R i finally pulled the trigger and upgraded my boat. I got a Xpress HD18 PFC SS. The model just came out this year and it came as close to the perfect boat for me that I just had to have it. Had a 16' stick steer Triton I bought new in 2002. This one is 18' long and 88" across the back. It doesn't have a back deck which my wife loves and the front deck only has a 6" step up which is great for my bad knees. Two live wells. I got the 50 hp Yamaha and with me and her it will do 34 mph by the speedo.Plenty fast for a old man like me. It planes out at 17mph. No carpet of course. I think it will last me for awhile. Sold my other boat a week later. Now I can't wait to get home and take it out.
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