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Discussion in 'Boating' started by deepforkcats, May 26, 2009.

  1. deepforkcats

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    ive got a 24ft toon right now and while it does good for catfishing purposes out on the lake i would rather have something that would do good for bass, crappie, and catfishing and a little smaller than the minature yacht i have now anybody got any ideas. im thinking along the lines of a bass boat type but im just not sure any ideas would help thanks
  2. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    how big is the body of water you're fishing? seems like a 1436 w/ a 15-25 would serve as a good "dinghy" hahaha Remember you can always run it with a 100$ trolling motor, custom build a deck for around 50-100$, and get to small hard-to-access places (crappie) where other boats can't. just my view, of course I'm running a welded 1436 w/ a 20, hahha!

  3. cantstopgrandma

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    I would probably go with a 16 to 20 foot modified V jon boat. They are big enough to fish a few people off of comfortably, but small enough to handle by yourself. They will float in inches of water, and are stable enough to stand on the front deck and do some bass fishing. These boats are fairly light weight, so it doesn't take a huge motor to power them.

    My 1448 jon boat would do the same thing, but its kinda cramped fishing 3 people, and the more i take mine out, the more i wish i woulda bought the 16 footer.