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Welcome to the new board all. Looks like we get to start over.:D
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it seems that way Bulldaddy .... but its gonna be fun building on what was already a great site .... and this one will be even better than before because of all the great BOC family members

I am starting to like this one better than the last what a great place its getting easier to use now that im getting used to it.
Ok, I'm here! Just don't know where here is? Is this Louisiana and the Red River or am I still LOST!!! :confused:
I see you made it over Ty. Good to see you back with us. You learn to use this new board and you will love it. I has a lot more ops than the old one. There are not a lot of us over here yet, I guess not everyone was ready for the change.
Hey Tony!! :) Sure is good to see a familiar face. Told my wife that I musta made ya'll mad at me cause the whole darn site just moved. She told me that I had better slow down on my fish catchin and ya'll might let me come back! Told her that that wouldn't be a problem cause of that new boat you got. Think I seen where someone said something about shad just jumpin in for a ride. What's the little dot over on the side with rep power about???
But thought I would like to say that I like this new board. It's more like what I am used to on other sites. I also want to make this my first post to see if my avatar comes up right.
Good to have ya around Warrior. The picture turned out fine.
AL or LA, what the heck we'll take ya in!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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