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Well we just got a new Grand Lake Record for Oklahomas new program. My good friend Denny Halgren and I were fishing Grand today when he caught this nice blue. It was his first bite ever in Grand Lake!

This is not a huge blue in some locations but it is a large one for Grand Lake. The record had to be at least 40 lbs and this one weighed 42. It was 43 inches long and had a 28 inch girth.

We caught it in 50 ft of water on shad using a 5/0 DOUBLE ACTION catfish hook and a 2 oz. SMOOTH OPERATOR snagless sinker.

I hope all the other catters of OK take advantage of this new program. The blue was released after we weighed it in. We also caught 8 other blues under 12 lbs.


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Isn't Halgren the guy who's a flathead guide on Rock River? Thanks and have a great day! If he is, what was he doing fishing in Oklahoma?
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