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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Bullseye017, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I wasnt able to harvest a deer, but I had a new personal best hunt this evening that I figured I would share with everyone. I am 17 and live in Ohio. Late season is slim pickins here especially where we usually hunt which is about 15 minutes from our house. I hadnt been seeing any deer there so I decided to go to my moms house bowhunting. She has 8 acres in pretty much the city. I got in my climbing stand at about 3:30 which gave me about 2 hours before dark. It had been snowing all day and was also really windy. at about 4:45 I saw 2 does running through the woods and another one popped out and was walking around about 65-70 yards away from me. I watched her for a while hping that she would come my way so I could get a shot. At about 5:10 I looked over my right shoulder and saw several deer and one could see was really nice, then I noticed another one of them was a buck and then finally I saw the other ones antlers also. There were 3 bucks and a doe walking through the woods about 40 yards to my right. The biggest was a beautiful 10 point with long tines that was probably 18-20 inches wide. The second biggest was a really wide 8 point that had shorter tines, and the smallest was another 10 about 15-16 inches wide. I had an open shot at the big 8 at 40 yards, but I didnt want to risk it. I hit good at 40 yards with my mathews, but the target doesnt have a big rack. The deer started to get nervous, and then some idiot on a 4 wheeler came through the woods,and let me tell ya he got screamed at. Overall it was a great evening and that was the most nice bucks I had ever seen in one evening, and city bucks ta boot. you can bet That I'll be hunting there some more before the season ends

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    i got my first deer right behing the town sewer mound.

    we have same problems with idiots on 4 wheelers. i went this year once. my uncle (idiot) parked his 4 wheeler about 20 yards from my stand. well believe you me i scared every thing within 5 miles away when i climed in and out of my stand within 10 min apart and stomped on everything i could on the way out. he seen nothing that day he said,lol.

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    Sounds like a great day in the woods.
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    It's too bad that that guy interupted your hunt. I have had that happen with a dirt bike. I fortunately was looking at a six point that I wasn't going to shoot, but it still made me mad. If I had bucks like that in front of me I would be furious. DOn't worry man though. YOu'll get a good buck.