New Bait Rig.

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    We have The Quick Rig Bridling kits now. These allow a Bait clip to be used and the whole hook is left open.
    This is used in salt water, for the same deal as others use to sew there hooks to the bait. But this allows a person to hook up a bait in 30 seconds easy. Also can be used with a Swivel on the hook and bait clip. This allows the bait to move free. Also we will be adding Chin weights. These when hooked on the bait clips will cause live baits to swim like hurt bait. Thus causing fish to hit hard and improve your hookup rate.
    I pan on adding a video of using this rig and the chin weights under big Fat Kat Bobbers fishing slack waters with big baits. And show what can be caught when using these.
    Heres a link to 2 videos showing how to rig the baits using this product. I think its going to be a big hit with live bait fisherman.
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    Pete that is a neat and sharp looking rig. The tool and clips reminded me of the days we used to hog ring pigs.