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    HI BOC Members! Thought I would share a couple of catfish pictures and post them on my avatar and PP. The catfish were caught at Elwood Res. and Johnson Lake in Nebraska. during the MEMORIAL DAY weekend. Massive amounts of rainfall was received during the holiday weekend. 10" plus of rain fell from 9 PM Thursday night to 11 PM Saturday night. The water quality was quite terrible due to the heavy rainfall. I did manage to catch 4 nice cats in the 6 to 7.5 lb. range. Pretty slow fishing, but should get better with time. Lots of low land flooding occured during the holiday weekend, with our cabin getting a little wet in the process. NO DAMAGE thank GOD! Such fun sweeping water away from the door to keep it from coming into the cabin. Finally Sunday offered a textbook beautiful day and Monday was great too. Caught 3 cats today on Shad gizzards and liver considering the conditions wasn't the greatest for fishing. One cat was caught Saturday, the one in my PP, this cat was caught on liver. The cat was caught during the heavy rain and wind. Of course I was the only idiot to brave the conditions. Hey! That's what hard core fishing is all about!!