New America's Team???

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    Might just STEP on a few toes here, but this gives me reason to believe AMERICA has a NEW AMERICAS TEAM??:
    Steelers lead NFL in merchandise sold

    From April 1, 2008, through the end of February, more Steelers merchandise sold on than that of any other team, according to the NFL. The league does not disclose merchandise figures. Five Steelers games last year were among the 15 most-viewed fall programs, according to the league and Nielsen Media. And the nearly 100 million viewers who watched the Steelers rally to beat the Cardinals in Tampa made this the highest-rated Super Bowl ever. The Steelers are such an attractive TV draw that 12 of their 16 regular-season games in 2008 were in the 4 p.m. time slot, where networks put teams with broad appeal, or at night, when a national audience watches. "We can put Pittsburgh on in the Carolinas, in Texas," said Rob Correa, CBS Sports' executive vice president of programming. "Virtually any state in the country, we're confident of putting on a Steelers game. They seem to have fans everywhere." Sports marketing experts generally agree the Steelers' reach is so expansive that the franchise's brand has become national.