New Amarillo Transplant

Discussion in 'LOCAL TEXAS TALK' started by bigmaac73, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Lenoir City, TN
    Well, here I am. Fresh out of the service and finally found a job in Amarillo. Never been to this neck of the woods so I am gonna need some help. There doesn't seem to be any real decent water around close but that is just at a glance. Maybe some of you local folks could help me out. I have not wet a line in months and am about to go nuts. If anyone is wanting to go out and is looking for a partner then hit me up cause I need to learn the waters here before too long. Also, if anyone knows where a guy could go bust a few hogs that would be awesome too. Thanks, Justin
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    Graham, Texas,
    welcome to the great state of texas justin i used to live up in that area and know a great channel cat lake over near canadian i often caught 10+lb channels out of there its called lake marvin i aint fished or lived up there since the spring of 05 so it may have changed but its the best lake that i know of in that general area