New Abu Garcia Record Baitcaster

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Catcaller, Mar 7, 2006.

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    Was thumbing through my new Bass Pro shops catalog (Bass specialist) I got in the mail today...and saw what they say is a new Abu baitcaster called the Record. I noticed that it comes in a high capacity model that is outfitted with a power handle...has six bearings....a carbon matrix drag system...and a "sensi brake" spoolbearing for a smooth retrieve. It doesn't say anything about a clicker...but I've noted that in some catalogs geared towards's common for that feature to be left off of the is the case of the C-3 in BPS.

    I'm wondering if this might be a good catfish reel? It appears to be made for repetitive casting...aka bass fishing...but as you all catfishermen routinely have to settle for gear designed for other species such as bass, pike, musky, and saltwater.

    It appears to be a durable reel from the looks of it and the description. Anybody know someone who has one of these new reels? I'm very curious to see if it would stack up against some of the older proven models.
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    Tracy Calif
    I was just looking at them in the Cabelas, $129-139 about the same price as the 7000 but it does have more bearings! I am looking for a surf casting reel and thinking that might be a good one!