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    Well I got some Danny King's and will try it this weekend, but I also found this self contained chum in a burlap bag called catfish call. Weighs 3 pounds with a built in eye-let for tieing off. I will test it this weekend also and see how it fairs. I will post later this weekend of its success or failure lol. If it works I don't see why you can't refill the bag with ur own and just resew it shut or in a jam staple it shut lol. I will admit it this weekend is all about trial and error not to mention the valuble time spent with grandpa laughing at me lol.

    P.S. I put a pic of it so u can see.

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  2. Mr.T

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    Put that chum in the water a day or so before you're going to be fishing if you can - should help get the cats in the area and feeding before you show up with that nasty DK stuff...

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    I can vouch for the DK's, for my area anyway, but have never heard of the chum. I hope it helps you out. Good luck
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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Good Luck this weekend and hope you catch some big ones
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    We used to take a couple of cans of cheap dog food and a can of cheap cat food and poke holes in it with a nail. Throw them all in an onion bag or a small burlap sack with a couple of ponds of kibbled dog food or horse feed and tie on a small but stout rope. A couple of days before your fishing trip tie it to a tree or root and toss it into your favorite fishing hole.
    At one of our favorite fishing spots on the Dan River in NC a small feeder creek enters the river about 25 yards up stream from a clear spot on the bank. We used to put a bait bag in the creek so the scent would drift out into the river. We were fishing one night and we kept hearing a loud splashing sound from up stream. I took the lantern and when I got to the mouth of the creek a huge flat head catfish was trying to swim up to the source of the scent in the water. A friend of mine that was a gonzo redneck jumped in the creek and tried to catch him by hand. Of course he got away but we hooked him, or one like him, the next night on a live brim.

    We never failed to catch a mess of eating size cats when we baited that creek before fishing.
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    I for one will be most interested in your report.I personally have not had any luck with DK" don't know why it just hasn't produced.But I will be interested in that catfish chum,where is it sold at? If it produces results I'm game.----------pk powell:cool2: