never caught a bobcat

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    I have never cought a cat before and I would love to get about 4 or 5 for this coming years fur sell. I think if I can learn how to target cats I should be ok for there are a lot in this area so I hear.and with what I'm hearing for fur prices I dont think me being new to trapping will mess with anything else but a few fox for myself. but I was interested in lures, trap sets, best sings to look for in finding were a set should be made. shoot anything would help for I know nothing. Thanks fellas
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    The most important part of catching cats is being on location. Their sense of smell is horrible compaired to canines. Fox and yotes can be pulled from great distances, cats on the other hand cannot be pulled very far.

    Location.....tracks are a sure sign. Toilets are a HUGE hotspot if you can find one. I've seen some that were 50 feet long that have been used for years. Others are as small as a couple feet in diameter. Along the edges of old logging roads, fire lanes along clear cuts, around beaver dams, around beaver huts, any small knoll that is prominent and sticks out......all of these areas are great places to scout out.

    Lure......anything with a castor base will pull them in. Asa Lenon also has a bobcat all call that I've had really good success with. Puurrfect made by Paul Dobbins is a dandy lure also. Just pure castor squeezed from castor sacks have worked well too. But remember.....good lure will not overcome a poor set location.

    Visual attractors are a must in my opinion. Will really help you draw the cats close enough that your lure will do its job! DO NOT USE VISUAL ATTRACTORS ON TOILETS!!!! Feathers, pie pans, christmas tree ornaments, tinsel....anything that will move in the wind and catch their eye.

    Traps.... I use #3longsprings, but I am in the minority. Most of your so called "cat trappers" use coilsprings in the #2 size and bigger. I'm just a longspring fanatic. Been using them for 30 years.....don't see any reason for me to change now!! LOL!!! Just depends on what you've got or what you want to use.

    Sets......I could rattle off piles of those....dirtholes, flat sets, etc.... but I use a really quick and deadly set. Again, I'm gona stress location. Once I know I'm on a cats travel routes, I'll use a visual attractor hanging on a branch or stake. I then bed a trap right within 6 or 8 inches in front of a tree, bush, log, big limb, rock, (whatever I can find that allows me to place lure on at least 12 inches off the ground), within a few feet of my visual attractor. I block it heavily with the vegetation that is handy around the set. A cat can be guided a lot more than canines. I want to actually have a walk through set in front of my lure holder. I either smear some lure directly on the tree, bush, etc or I attach a piece of burlap to the object and apply my lure to this. This set alone produces dozens of cats a year for me.

    Once again.....get out and find the cats. The best constructed set out there will not catch a cat that isn't there.

    Good luck!

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    i 100% agree with every thing you said.locations is a must for any type of animal that you are after but more so on cats.cats hunt more by sight then by attractors like lots of feathers or a flagging is a must in my book .don't sale a good lure out because it in alabama i use the rubbing post set which is nothing but a small tree ,large rock or a stump and rub a little dobbins back breaker on it .place the lure 6- 8 inches from the ground and bed your trap close to the tree.bobcats are hole huggers meaning they hug tight at things..cats loves to get another animals odor on them .take catnip and your house cat it makes the cat do some crazy things so will beaver castor.after dec then use a good cat gland base lure.

    like what was said key locations and sight attractors are the keys to cat trapping.

    always set on sign