Neuse River

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  1. jimbob3445

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    New Bern, North Carolina
    Hey has anybody been fishing the neuse around new bern or vanceboro or kinston area, if so have u had any success and where have u been fishing
  2. kylekutta

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    I fish the neuse between goldsboro and hwy 43 bridge close to new bern.Yes thats alot of river but I try to find different places to fish.I mostly put in at hwy 70 in kinston and go up river towards goldsboro.I have caught 53 lbs blue,57.65 flathead,41 lbs flathead and many flats and blues in the 25 to 40 lbs range.The neuse river is a great place to catch trophy size cats and I would not be shocked if a state record was caught in the neuse river.I know of a 79 lbs blue that was caught in neuse a few years ago.Let me know if I can help with your search for monster cats or answer any questions that you may have.:0a23:

  3. CKT

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    I put in at the HWY 70 ramp and headed up river towards goldsboro and all the luck we had were catching bowfins. we were not prepared for that trip it was a coastal trip that turned into catfishing ! we used live bream for bait and caught 2 bowfins est weight about 10 or 12 lbs each. heard lots of tall tails about big cats in the neuse and i would love to go visit again!