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Neuse River Regulars? Biggest this year?

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OK, how many Neuse Regulars do we have. We mainly fish the Neuse from Smithfield to Goldsboro. My biggest is a 35 lb Flathead, caught it just downriver aways from Swift Creek. Caught a 26 lb blue, can't remember where. Boy my memory is getting bad. LOL!! In our little circle of guys, one has caught a 40 lb flathead, he is in the lead for the money fish this year. I have tried to post some pics but they are all too big and I can't figure out how to resize them. OK let's hear from some more regulars.
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hello,,, my biggest this year is also my lifetime biggest to date...46 lb blue out of the neuse on 6/17 and a 25 lb flat this year...have caught fish in years past pushing 30 but never 1 over 30 until 6/17........caught out of canoe...see old post....mack
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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