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  1. kylekutta

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    I have been searching for a map of the neuse river for many years...with no success!I was wondering if anyone on the BOC had any knowlege of where I could get one?Has anyone ever seen one? Does one exist?
  2. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    The only one I have ever found was in the map room in the squadron on base. It was pretty old though and I'm sure the river has changed a lot since then. Google earth has had a lot of updates lately and you can see a lot of the river. I guess if you had the patience you could print some screenshots and have them laminated or something.

  3. bilyjojimbob

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    Try this one. Its like google earth except you can see more of the neuse. Its done from satelites and airial photography. Ive been looking for nautical maps of the neuse, with no luck. If anyone finds any please post it for the rest of us. The site is called virtual earth and its located at
  4. Mark J

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    Its doubtful you'll find a map on a river like the Neuse. Its not navigable persay by anything of any size in most of its length and the water levels are up and down so much and its course changes.
    A map wouldnt do you much good in a river that size.
    if its layout you are looking , print the section you plan on fishing from Google Earth
  5. tritech

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    I was also gonna recommend google earth. there are plugins that allow topographical map overlays which help if they are recent.

    Keep in mind all it does is let you know where the river runs and not how the banks look and in wake county atleast, it has not been updated since around 1999/2000. can also be a great aerial image tool.