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Neuse River at New Bern

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:confused: Any chance of cathcing cats in the Neuse or Trent river at New Bern. Or is the water still too brackish?
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I just went there saturday night and ran upriver about 10-15 miles, we didnt catch anything but I am almost positive that they are there, if you keep looking on your left as your coming out of glenburnie going upriver through the channel there is a lillie pad bed about 400 yds long we didnt try fishing there but I can almost bet that there is flats sitting along the edge waiting for baitfish to run in and out of those lillies, and I know there are bluegill in there because we caught some for bait as we were coming through. Hope this helps, Jason
I have not fished the Trent or Neuse in a lot of years, but when I did, I caught some of the largest bream I have ever seen. Brices creek is just accross form New Bern and runs in to the Trent and is a good, or I should say was a great place to fish. :)

If you go up river (Neuse) :) to Kidney creek, there are some great spots there.

Good fishing buddy.
James Avery
Pinetops NC :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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