Neuse River around New Bern

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    I live here in Fayetteville. I am blessed to be at one of the greatest fisheries for catfish in the country. The Cape Fear. I am relatively new to catfishing. My personal best is a 22# blue on cut eel. I have met a man who takes me once a month. I am addicted.

    That being said. I am from New Bern orginally and fished the Trent River for a long time. All bass and bream stripers etc.

    Now that I am hooked on Catfishing, is there a blue catfish or flathead population in the Neuse around New Bern. I would not think the Trent would hold any. But from what I have heard there are blues in the Neuse say starting around Weyerhauser back toward Swift Creek. I do not know anyone in that area who fishes for cats. But then again I never really paid attention to catfish.

    Any New Bern catters out there that can confirm my suspicions.

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    There are tons of catfish starting before weyerhauser right by the mouth of swift creek. A lady on this forum caught a 50+ lb flathead there about a month ago. I normally put it at the glenburnie ramp and run up past the turkey quarter creek ramp. I catch a lot of flats and blues up that way with the biggest flat being 35lbs and the biggest blue being 52lbs. Good luck there are a lot of cats in that river, and soon enough this river will produce a record, I know they are in there. Someone just has to catch one.