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Neuse is LOW!!

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I passed the Neuse yesterday in Smithfield at the prison and I swear I think I saw a flathead walking across the river!!! Man we need some rain bad. I don't think I've ever seen it this low. Everybody do a rain dance or something. Heyyayayaheyayayaumpawalaumpawalashamalamadindongchittychittybangbang
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OMG!! I swear this is true. I had just hit the enter button on the keyboard to post that thread (after doing the rain dance) and my daughter comes in the room and says "Daddy, it's thundering and raining, and my bicycle is outside. Will you go outside with me to put it up?" I'm thinking, NO WAY. And sure enoug, I go outside and it's raining and thundering. Holy crap, that really worked. OK everbody, heyyayayaheyayayaumpawalaumpawalashamalamadingdongchittychittybangbang
i doin' it, but my neighbor across the street sez he's callin' the cops........i better put my clothes back on. :eek:
It's falling a flood here right now.
We need a good rain to our west. The Tar is dry also.But if you don't mind running shallow and sometime pulling a flat bottom John boat across sand bars, the holes are full of fish. Alas :crying: I done got to old to do dat stuff!

James Avery :D
Pinetops NC
I ain't getting out and walking.
Good to hear ya'll are getting rain. Get the gear ready and go catch some bait.
Over here in Iraq, it has not rained since the end of Feb/early March. The rainy season is soon to kick in which means nothing but mud everywhere. That will be a pleasing sight to see.
Leave me a fish or two, I'll be ther to catch them before long.
LSA Anaconda, Iraq
Hey hurry home bluecat, God Bless you for what you do man.
Had a channel come by the house beggin for a cup of water too. :D
Too bad the rain didn't get everywhere and last for a while. Creks and rivers are still low.
:thumbsup: Just a word to tell Bluecat thanks. It is because of our troops we can enjoy the lives we live. I am proud to be called an American and to be associated even in a small way to guys like you,it is a great honor. Keep your head down send them all to Allah. Thats coming from a fundlemental Free Will Baptist preacher.
Then come on home and catch another cat. :0a18:

James Avery :D
Pinetops NC :0a26:
ok, may get to fish around smithfield this weekend. keep doin' the rain dance. :p
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