Neuse 9/9/05

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    Holly Springs, NC
    Decided at the last minute to try the trickle of water formerly know as the Neuse. We brought along about 50 nice gizzard shad from Jordan Lake (most to chum with, the others to use). Decided to put in at the Lumber yard and head upstream since we hadn't checked that area out. Found out that there are no "decent" holes in that direction. There was a little deeper water around the mouth of Swift Creek but it was a small area blocked by a huge tree. Not hardly big enough for even one person.

    The most shallow water was also in this area and we actually had to get out for a minute to pull the boat through the sand bar. Decided to head all the way back down (4-5 miles) to our old spots that actually had alot of water in them. Caught 20 crickets after beaching the boat and used those to catch 7 huge Bream in a matter of minutes. Set up in the best spot and fished til around 1:00 AM. Lots of hits, but only one taker..... a huge 4 pound Flathead. Nothing on the shad or the rest of the Bream. Gonna switch over to the Cape Fear for awhile til the rains come cause I'd rather fish outta my bigger boat and also actually catch fish :) . The Jon boat is making me realize why I bought a bigger boat in the first place.

    Did see a ton of huge gar on the way out, talked to two owls for awhile swore we heard banjos a few times.......... Spent most of the night in water less than two feet deep cept when we were fishin'.

    I forgot how to get to Riverside on the Cape from here (Cary)......Is it 95 to Fayetteville and then 87 or something???
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    I'm surprised you even made it to swift creek as low as the water is right now. I thought about going to Goldsboro tonight but didn't. I hate fighting the river in shallow water, my prop's about worn out already. There is normally some good fishing around swift creek. Not a ton of action but worth the wait if one hits you. With the water this low, you can't get into the creek. With the water up, you can get over that log to the left side of the mouth. I caught the one in my avatar just down stream from swift creek at a log jamb. the problem right now is the water is so low, most of the good log jambs are out of the water.