Neuropathy in feet & legs - Who else has it?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Cattledogz, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Cattledogz

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    I am wondering if any of you have peripheral neuropathy in your feet and legs and if so what you do for the never-ending pain.

    I have had it for nearly 3 years now but this year has been the worst by far. It has rapidly progressed the past months to the point that its excruciating nearly all of the time. Even with the pain meds there are days I now have to use the wheelchair to get around because I can't stand the pain in my feet when I try to walk or stand. Along with the neuropathy I also suffer with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis (Degenerative arthritis).

    My doctor and the neurologist I was sent to cannot find the specific cause of the neuropathy and state there is nothing more that can be done except take drugs for the pain. The one drug that helps the most is one that is very controlled and the alloted amount does not get me through the month at all anymore.

    I am going to a very good chiropractor (I had been to him in the past for other problems) starting Monday that is also into natural health and nutrition. I am hoping I can find some relief through that venue.

    So, those of you that suffer with this devastating, painful condition, what do you do for relief?

    My heart goes out to anyone that has to endure this pain day in and day out. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!

  2. baitchunker

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    im not really sure what any of those fancy ailments are. but i wish you the absolute best.

  3. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon New Member

    I feel for you. My dad has had it for several years. It's horrible.
  4. Mickey

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    Barb I don't have any medical answers. But Prayers changes things. I will add you to my Prayer list.
  5. roondad

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    don't know of any immediate cures, but as a person w/type 2 diabetes I am headed for it also. my prayers are with you too!
  6. Mike81

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    Good luck with it Barb, sorry your suffering with that. My mom has fybromialgia(sp?) and I know it's miserable. I suffer myself with very bad restless legs and pain most everyday. Not the same but I understand how bad it is to suffer pain everyday that no one seems to know the cause and no for sure remedies. I've taken at least 6 different medications trying to help...nothing really works.

    I hope you can find some relief soon. Take care
  7. peewee williams

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    I have the Terrible pains due to Diabetes or the Cancer they think.They do not know which.I have been praying,crying and hoping for death for some relief and I am not joking as you well know.I have Morphine but it is addictive in as little as 3 days they claim and your body builds up a tolerance level so quick and it does less and less for the pain.

    I too can hardly walk as I have a right knee wore out,in constant agony and they will not operate to replace it due to my health.My left heel has this horrible pain that you are familiar with and I have 3 permanent places like that internally.I have others that come and go.

    Now I have numbness that comes and goes due to a injured spine.I also have a "high tolerance to pain"according to my Doctors.These two things are a blessing.

    When I can stand the pain no longer,I take the Morphine as a last resort.I refuse to take it any longer than 3 days due to addiction and tolerance build up.I then stay off of it as long as possible.Being that I am terminally ill,they will give me enough to become addicted and stay on it.Had I taken the recommended doses and staid on it like some doctors and Hospice recommended,I would now be horribly addicted and most likely dead from severe addiction as no one expected me to live this long.Hospice pulled out because I refused to lay down,take my dope and die by their rules like a good boy.I stood up and fought them along with everything else in the world that wanted me to lay down and quit.Still am!

    Some things in life there are no solutions too.I do believe this is one of them for many of us.They are doing the best that they can for us,but there are many things in life like this and my Cancer that they just do not have a cure,treatment or ability to help with very much.The pain medication does us less good each time we take it.We have to put up with it and suffer as we have no other choice.I turn the the things that I cannot handle over to God.I have no choice.

    I am setting here with tears in my eyes for you and for my pain.I am nauseated from pain.I,your doctors or you can most likely do nothing for you.This is a cold hard fact of life with this.God is all we have for help.

    I love you Sister and my heart is with you.I am hobbling along on this path with you.I know of no help or cure other than a miracle.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
  8. gardengrz

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    yup, im sittin here in the exact same shape. just gottu think that it could be worse. try to cope with it and let nature do its thing and try to keep smilin to keep everybody else happy. :big_smile::cool2:
  9. Dave L

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    You gotta give accupuncture a try. I had leg and back pain for the last 15 or so years and I went to a Dr. who specialized in chineese medicine ( also a true chinaman who takes his work very seriosly ). Well after 4 visits at his clinic my back and leg pain is no more. After the first visit he was able to move the pain up my legs into my butt, by the third time it was in my lower back and on the fourth he changed pin positions said I may be sore for a couple days. That was on a monday and by thursday all pain was gone. I haven't felt pain free in years and on that thursday when I got outta bed in the morning it was weird cause I had forgot what painless was. It is worth a try , though I would look for a true chinaman one that was tought the technique in china.
  10. Jay Jay

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    My neurpathy is caused by type 2 diabetes, it usually comes on after I eat ,especially after I eat something high in carbs . It feels like when you hit your crazy bone in your elbow .My pain is not as bad as yours and goes away in a hour or so . Have you ever talked to a anesthesiolgist about nerve blockers ? Just a thought . Hope you get some relief !