Netting that Lunker catfish?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by SubnetZero, Mar 27, 2006.

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    I've watched a few vids last few days and I mostly see it while I'm out fishing and I've noticed alot of guys don't seem to understand the fine art of netting the fish once you win the battle.

    I've seen it time and again, fish is almost to the bank/boat and the netter starts swatting and slapping the water trying to get the fish in the net.. I can't tell you how many times I've seen em loose the fish because of that...

    The way we always do it, the netter eases the net into the water so as not to spook the fish and the one fighting the fish brings the fish into the net as the netter does a kind of gentle sweeping action with the net to get the fish in it..
    I usually always fish with a buddy, so one nets the other has the pole.

    If your fishing with a new partner, may be wise to go over a game plan for when you hook into a nice one...

    Curious if others here do something different...
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    SubnetZero, I was out on Saturday and found myself teaching 5 young anglers that basic information. The first young man had hooked a decent Carp and was bring it in and one of the others started out with that same scenario. I looked over and immediately said Stop and they all sort of frooze. I advised as you said to place the net in the water and hold it still while the one with the rod brought the fish to it. They were surprised at how easy that it made netting of that fish possible. Afterwards, the one with the net came over and I further explained why this was important. It is a requirement that younger fisherman/anglers have an older person out with them until they are 16 at most German clubs. When they come out and have not arranged to have someone with them, they approch an angler and request that they be the monitored while they are fishing. The young anglers must be within 20yd. of the older angler during this period. I take pride in the fact that these young men want to be around me when they find the need to have this type of supervision.


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    My fishin' buddy lost a bass well over 13lbs. on lake fork due to his brother swatin' at the fish as it came up on top. The fish made a run and as it came back up his brother swung the net instead of lettin' the pole holder bring the fish to him, and guess what ? No fish in the net or on the line.

    Ya ever see a fist fight on a 16' flat bottom boat with one guy (me):eek: and the two others :cry-big: :know-big: ?!?!?!?!? After the shock was over from the bad nettin' job the fight was on ! Nobody got hurt (bad anyway) and everyone was bummed..... It was a very long boat ride back and even longer ride home....
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    There are several ways of netting fish depending upon a few factors such as water clarity, fish size and currents if you are on a river. The one that you see in my picture, we grabbed by the mouth as we did not have a net big enough to properly handle him.

    Anything up to about 30 pounders, I will net from the tail so the fish will not see it and have a chance to dive. The fisherman will be towards the front of the boat and pull it along side holding in the current with steady pressure so the hook will not come loose. I will normally have the net stretched out pulling it up the handle holding the tip of it with my trigger finger to release it right as it hits the water. Nail em fast and hard from behind in one sweeping action going upstream. Once you have em in the net, keep going up stream with the net lifting and twist the net 90 degrees turning towards the boat locking em in the back of it. Then take pressure off the line.

    30 and over, I will have the fisherman in the same position as he needs to have his pole up higher for this one. The netter needs to give himself 3 feet to move towards the back of the boat with the motion due to the current. Hold the net the same way releasing it right as it hits the water. My lower hand on the net will normally be facing backwards to give the net a stronger twist action attempting to lock them in.

    I just do not like leaving nets in the water chasing the fish as it never fails that the current will take the inner net down river when you need to nail them the other way as a last resort. It is best in my opinion to hit them hard and fast so they will not even have a clue the net is in the water waiting for them.
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    One other point about netting fish in swift water. Since the current will sweep a loose net down below the net rim, you need to hold the bottom of the net against the net handle till you start the sweep, then release it. That way, the movement of the net will cause the netting to stay open so there's nothing in the way of the fish going into the net.
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    One of the first things my dad taught me was how to net a fish. It was on my first trip with him and he said "If your going to fish with me, you gotta learn how to net." Best success is just setting the net down in the water gently and guiding the fish into it. I've become fairly good at doing it by myself, but usually I have somebody with me. If I'm by myself i set my pole back in the rod holder and grab the line with one hand and the net with the other. I always try to guide the fish into the net head first, I've found that they don't have a very good reverse system.
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    Bottom line is let the angler bring the fish to the net. The process is the same for all fish.
    #1 once the fish gets close have the net in the water and plan the way the angler will bring the fish to net.
    #2 the netter should watch the line at any time the fish can dive right at the boat aka line so netter should be ready to pull the net out of the way.
    #3 ok now you have that bigun ready the nets in the water fish is coming towards you now if you can see it or not what you should do is get under the fish just before it comes to the surface and pull straight up.
    I know sounds easy but it takes practice and you will lose fish. :sad: name of the game. I used to fish Port Washington in WI for Salmon/ Trout and many a time I had to net them myself not bad you think but this was by the power plant that has a wall that is 10 ft down to the water with heavy current!! So I learned a thing or 2 about netting.

    Hope this gives you a bit of help.

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    Well looks like all i know has been covered here in this post. These guys really know what they're talking about! :)
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    I usually fish from shore and I've learned to carry a net at all times because you never know how big a fish is going to strike... I just recently bought a 12 long handled net cause most of my fishing is from shore and well some times its a long drop from the platform/pier to the water or your fishing over weeds or the fish drags you over weeds and you can't get them back over... anyway i've lost or almost lost fish a couple times because of that and its never any fun...

    When netting a fish i usually have the net's handle between my legs as i'm fighting the fish so its ready and in the water as i'm bringing the fish in... once the fish is close enough in and not making any huge lunges or pulling out line i grab the net w/ one hand and lead the fish in w/ the rod using the other... Never lost a fish that way yet though i have broken one net (wasn't anyone but the manufactorers fault, screw came out holding the handle to the head) with my Personal best Channel cat in it but didn't lose the fish.
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    All the above is true. I would add that I always try to net the fish head !st. If the fish trys to run, it can only go into the net.
  11. JAinSC

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    I only use a net on smallish blue cats (around 10 pounds), other wise I always land my cats by putting on a pair of gloves and grabbing the cat by the lower jaw. My partner and I have landed blues over 80 pounds this way and I have landed several flatheads over 40 pounds while fishing solo. The biggest key is to keep your head and be patient. Many fish are lost by people trying to land them before they are ready.