Net Light for night fishing

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    Wanted to let everyone know the new Net Light is comming out this spring. You will find an article about it in the Infisherman Catfish Guide in April. You can attach the Net Light to any fish landing net, or fishing rod to provide light when and where it is needed. Net Light uses green LEDs that wont spook fish or attract bugs. You can remove the light in seconds from the net attachment and use the flashlight for any purpose. The Net Light is waterproof and it floats, it will run about 40 hours on 3 AAA batteries. If you have the Net Light please respond back with your thoughts.
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    greatbend kansas
    i own a few myself and i know they are sturdy hell my kids drop them bang them and they keep going
    great thing is they dont attract bugs and dont spook the fish
    even beavers are not scared had one come right up to our bank while using a net light