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    so i went to my bait shop i frequent yesterday to pick up some hooks, but they were out of my normal gama octo size 8 hooks. they did however have a brand out called nemesis.
    they had only a couple sizes 8/0 and 10/0. after comparing them to one of the octos i had i decided to pick up a box of the 10/0 circles. boy are they sharp! and thick, they are some heavy duty suckers.
    took them and 4 rods out to a spot on the meramec, got the rigs out and sat back to enjoy the night. it was slow goin last night, not many bites at all. just when i was ready to pack it in i heard the sweet sound of line peeling of my reel. i do mean peeling, for a second i thought i was back out off the coast.
    this fish was splashing and running something fierce. everytime i thought he was comming in he would run hard back out. (keep in mind im on the meramec) the fight lasted close to a half an hour, and ended with the steel leader snapping at the swivel. never got to put eyes on the monster, but he worked me like a part time job.
    so i think im gonna keep using these big bad boy hooks, and if you see a small pack of them on a shelf give them a shot. you just might have a new favorite.

    here is a picture of the nemesis 10/0 next to my usuall gama octo 8/0. look and see how much thicker the shank is.

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    Made like our Charlie Brown hooks we sell. But ours has the up turned eye.